Some Significant Cultural Depictions of Pirates

It is a known fact today that “pirate” has become a subculture nowadays. This subculture is based on the renaissance age pirates. The influence of this subculture can be seen in the fact that a large number of men and women seem to be interested towards the pirate costumes. The cultural depiction of the pirate subculture is one of the prominent reasons behind this in this regard. In a variety of aspects, we can find this cultural depiction. You can read about some of the depictions below: Paintings: Read more [...]

“Pirate”: A Unique Subculture of the Date

The “pirate” has gained the form of a culture in the present scenario. The people seem to be so much fascinated with the lifestyles of the pirates that they have given it a form of a culture. Some of the famous aspects that make it a culture include: Clothing: Pirate clothing is the major part of this culture without any second thought. This is the clothing that comes in the styles the real swashbucklers of history as well as fictional pirates of the films. In the today’s fashion trends Read more [...]

Motives of Distinct Types of Swashbucklers

In the maritime history, we find the presence of different types of pirates. Some of them were those who would loot the ships of the merchants for their monetary benefits. Most number of the swashbucklers found in the history is of those. These types of raiders were existent in both the periods. The pirate clothing in the styles of such people are widely popular in the present scenario. Vikings, Mediterranean pirates and Caribbean pirates etc. fall under this category. Besides, there were some Read more [...]

Swashbuckling Trends of Today – Providing Fantastic Pirate Fashion Costumes

In the world of swashbuckling types, there are a variety of clothing trends popular in the recent times. The popular trends include the trends of the Vikings, Caribbean pirates, Chinese pirates, privateers and movies. Trends of Vikings: The Vikings’ trend belongs to the medieval era.  The Vikings were the swashbucklers of that time, who used to plunder the ships and the coastal areas. The areas, in which these swashbucklers were active, were Asia, Europe and North Atlantic. You can find a wide Read more [...]

Some Wonderful Clothing Trends of Distinct Periods

There are a number of trends in the recent times, which entice a large number of individuals these days. Some of the trends, which are popular today include: Victorian Steampunk: This is the trend that belongs to the Victorian era. But, this is the modified version of that age. Some science fiction novels were written during the Victorian period, which had sown the seeds of steampunk. A number of movies on this theme have been produced in the modern times, which has become one of the major sources Read more [...]

Captain Jack Sparrow & Angelica Clothing: Perfect in the Pirate World

Captain Jack Sparrow and Angelica – these are the two names, which can be heard today widely from the mouth of swashbuckler lifestyle lovers as well as the Hollywood movie freaks. These are the two famous characters of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. Jack Sparrow is the protagonist and can be seen all the four films of the movies till date. On the other hand, Angelica has appeared in the movie named On Stranger Tides. These two characters have impacted the today’s fashion trend a Read more [...]

Gift Pirate Clothing to Your Girlfriend

Don’t you think that it may be good idea to give the pirate style outfits to your girlfriend? Don’t be shocked, we have already mentioned several times in the previous posts that the pirate clothing is no more the style of outlaws in the present scenario despite the fact that they belong to the pirates of the historical periods. This is a perfect fashion trend today adopted by a number of men and women in the present scenario. It is designed in the way that it can provide the perfect makeover. Read more [...]

What is “Gothic Pirate”?

A term that can be seen before many of the outfits these days – “Gothic Pirate”. Now, the question that arises in the minds of a number of people is what is this pirate gothic? The words “pirate” and “gothic” are used for different concepts. The pirate concept is based on the swashbucklers of the renaissance age as well as those who are depicted in the pirate themed films. On the other hand, the gothic is a type of horror fiction of the 18th and 19th centuries. But, interestingly, Read more [...]

The Asian Pirates and Privateers

The pirate trends do not need introduction in the present scenario. These trends are based on the styles of the pirates and privateers of distinct time spans and locations. The pirate clothing named after many of these people are available in the market in the recent times. Interestingly, the pirates and privateers were not only active in the western world, but in the Asian countries also, there were some famous raiders. Even the strongest swashbuckler of the world also existed in the Asian nations. Read more [...]

Some Wonderful Innovative Ideas for Pirate Fashion

The pirate fashion is full of fantasies. The costumes in the swashbuckler styles are made taking the inspiration from various swashbucklers of history as well as the pirates from various films based on the freebooter themes. The real freebooters of history such as John “Calico Jack” Rackham, Anne Bonny and Mary Read etc. have gained the huge fame these days in the pirate fashion world. On the other hand, the fictional pirates like Captain Jack Sparrow and Angelica of Pirates of the Caribbean Read more [...]