Profession of Piracy Was Not the Male’s Monopoly

Long ago in the history, people started plundering the ships on the coasts of Mediterranean, when they felt unable to find enough resources of livelihood through fishing. Later on, it became the profession of a number of people, and over time it spread in various parts of the world. This outlaw profession could not be limited to men only, and some females also adopted it with a great fascination. Mary Read, Anny Bonny and Ching Shih etc., were some of the famous female raiders in history. Anne Read more [...]

Get Perfect Glimpse of Pirate Lifestyles in Pirate Festivals and Weekends

The sailor-like lifestyle of the medieval age pirates is definitely the reason behind people’s craze about them. This fad is manifested in various ways, such as pirate clothing and themed events etc. Moreover, the romantic versions of the raiders have also gained huge popularity in the film series like “Pirates of the Caribbean”. The pirate festivals and pirate weekends have become the popular means, in which people can be part of the raiders’ lifestyle for some moments. The aforesaid Read more [...]

Piracy on the Eastern Coasts

Piracy has disturbed the nations sincethe ancient times. In the medieval era, there was a time, when the western nations witnessed the “golden age of piracy”. The dominance of the raiders could be seen across the seas during this period. A number of films have also been made in the Hollywood, such as “Pirates of the Caribbean” series. On the other hand, the influence of the medieval raiding could be seen on many of the video games and computer games. These means of entertainment further Read more [...]