Mary Read Pirate Clothing – Excellent Fashion Statement for the Funky Women

Renaissance age was undoubtedly a golden era for Europe, but an interesting fact is that some of its part was the golden era for piracy also. These pirates were popular for their notorious activities like robbing the ships. On the other hand, their lifestyles were like the sailors, which became the alluring factors for the people of the modern times. Moreover, their clothing styles also became the fashion trends for today. You can see many people wearing the pirate shirts, pants, skirts and other Read more [...]

Get Practical Information about Past in Renaissance Festivals

Renaissance age is the period, which has attracted the attention of a lot of writers in the recent times. A number of books have been written on this period, wherefrom you can acquire information about that golden era of Europe. But, you can get the chance to obtain the practical knowledge about that era, if you visit the renaissance festivals. In these festivals, you can practically see events and lifestyles of the people of the renaissance and medieval age. For instance, jousters in medieval costumes Read more [...]

Spartan Shields: Accessories of the Brave Warriors

That time has gone now when the soldiers had face to face combats in the battlefields, with swords and lances. But, it is a human habit to take an interest in time, which does not exist right now. So, a lot of interest can be witnessed among the people about the items like shields, old-age helmets, swords and many other accessories. Moreover, you can see people’s keen interest in wearing the pirate clothing, medieval dresses, renaissance dresses, and many other costumes. click here for all Read more [...]