Pirate Festivals and Other Themed Events – Perfect Demonstrations of Pirate Lifestyles

The people’s interest in the pirate lifestyles is well-known today. But, this interest is not in the lifestyle of the modern pirate. As a matter of the fact, people like the lifestyles of raiders of the medieval and renaissance eras. Those freebooters used to live the sailor-like lifestyles, which seems to lack in the modern age. Moreover, the romanticized versions of the freebooters in many of the films also attract the attention of a number of people. The name of “Pirates of the Caribbean” Read more [...]

Pirate Dresses and Themed Events: Great Source of Fun

Gone are those days when the word ‘pirate’ was associated with panic. Today, it is the other name of fun. The best example can be witnessed in the pirate pants, shirts, skirts and corsets worn by the men and women of today. A huge number of people like to be a pirate for a few moments, just for the purpose of fun. A number of other activities are also accomplished on the pirate themes for more fun. The themed events like pirate festivals are undoubtedly the events of the great amusements. Read more [...]

The Secret of Monkey Island: An Adventure Pirate Game Featuring Ghost Pirate

Pirate fashion is one of the most famous trends in today’s fashion world. This trend is usually based on the styles of the Caribbean raiders of the medieval or renaissance age, but some pirate films and games also play a vital role in providing the stuff to it. These entertainment mediums take us to the golden era of piracy for a few moments. Moreover, men and women take inspiration from these films in terms of pirate clothing. “The Secret of Monkey Island” is one of the most famous Read more [...]