Complete Life History of Pirate Queen Mary Read in Brief

The lifestyles of the freebooters of the medieval era and the subsequent centuries are not only the subject of fascination among the males, but a number of females also seem very much interested towards them. The trend of pirate costumes is equally popular among women in the present scenario. It is quite obvious; they were not the men only who had raided the treasure ships in the medieval times, but there were some fierce female pirates also who ravaged the Caribbean Sea. Mary Read was one of Read more [...]

Ching Shih and Cai Qian Ma: Two Fierce Female Pirates of China

It is an unhidden fact that piracy has been a trouble in the waters of several nations since ancient times. It was flourished a lot in the medieval and renaissance ages in the western world and Caribbean Sea. Interestingly, a number of female raiders were also active, who were not behind men in any of the tasks. In the western areas and the Caribbean Sea, women like Anne Bonny and Mary Read were popular. Today’s fashion of female pirate costumes is very much inspired by these female raiders. It Read more [...]