Nautical Products of Pirates: Perfect Add-ons in Pirate Fashion

The lifestyle of the medieval pirates is the subject of fascination among today’s people without any doubt. That is why, a number of people keep a huge interest in wearing the pirate clothing. This type of clothing is very popular in a number of themed events such as renaissance festival and pirate festival. Apart from the dresses, there are many other items, which are the subject of interest of the people. The nautical products are the special assets that attracted the attention of a large Read more [...]

Types of Piracies in the Real and Fictional Worlds

Depiction of pirate lifestyles in the films and games has enhanced people’s interest in understanding the act of piracy. The interest has reached the extent that people started wearing the pirate clothing as a fashion trend. Interestingly, we find different types of piracies in the in the real as well as fantastical worlds. We can divide the types of the piracies in two categories, i.e., real and fictional. In the real world, the types of piracies are based on the motives and the time spans. On Read more [...]

Barbary Corsairs in North Africa: An Introduction

There is a long and widespread history of pirates. The pirates were active in most of the part of the world. We find different clans of freebooters in distinct areas of the world. The pirate costumes of distinct sea rovers were different, but there was no difference in their intents. There were categories of the raiders in the medieval era and subsequent centuries. In the first centuries, we can find those freebooters, who were inclined toward piracy for the personal interests. Calico Jack, Blackbeard, Read more [...]

Terrorism versus Piracy: In Modern and Medieval Contexts

Piracy and terrorism – these are two words, which threaten a number of people throughout the world. Because of some terrorists’ activities in seas and the involvement of violence, some people think these two criminal acts as similar things. On the other hand, some instances have come in the limelight, when terrorists hire pirates to plunder the ship of some particular nation. It may also be the cause for this misconception. But, in fact, the piracy is very different from terrorism. Interestingly, Read more [...]

Read Detailed Account of Mary Read’s Life in the Book of Cherry Pughs

There is no doubt that reading someone’s biography provides the interest that we usually find in a novel or a story. The difference is that we read the real life accounts when we read the biographies, on the contrary of novels (except some novels based on the historical themes). In addition, we find the opportunity to understand someone’s experiences while reading the life histories of personalities. The life histories of both positive and negative characters of history are available in the Read more [...]

Fashion Trends Derived from Films and TV Series

Fashion industry is dynamic, and it takes ideas from everywhere. For instance, some of the trends are derived from history, some others take the films and TV series as their source, and some others get the idea from other trends available on the internet. There are a number of trends, which are based on the styles of the films. Pirate, steampunk and gothic – these are three popular trends, which take inspiration from the films. Pirate Fashion: A number of films and games inspire the pirate fashion Read more [...]

Pirate Shirts and T-Shirts: Perfect Wardrobes in Medieval Freebooters’ Styles

Creativity is the success secret of the fashion industry. A number of designs, color combinations and a lot more things come in the limelight regularly. Several new styles become popular, and old ones are left by the people. But, still the ethnic and old styles have a unique luster that is liked by a number of people. The fashion of pirate costumes is the best example in this regard. It is the fashion that belongs to the sea rovers of the medieval and renaissance periods. A number of pirates were Read more [...]