An Introduction to Steampunk and Its Association with Pirate Trends

There is no doubt that the movies as well as other sources of entertainment play a vital role in people’s fashion in the present scenario. You would have read about the pirate clothing fashion a number of times of this website. This fashion belongs to the medieval-era and renaissance-era freebooters, and has been flourished with the film series like Pirates of the Caribbean. Similarly, a number of other trends are also in the limelight in the recent times. Steampunk fashion is a perfect example Read more [...]

How to Get Ready for the Pirate Festivals and Other Pirate Themed Events

Pirate festivals and pirate weekends of renaissance festivals are being liked a lot by a large number of people these days. These fun events are celebrated in a number of cities in the western world. Dressing like a pirate remains the wish of a number of men and women who visit these fests. There are a plenty of ways to get the looks of the freebooters that are prevalent in the recent times. The easiest and the best way to get the makeover of the sea rovers is to simply buy the pirate clothing Read more [...]

Innovations from Pirate Lifestyles: Perfect Examples of Human’s Creative Instincts

Human mind is full of innovations. It looks for the creative expression in everything. So, when the pirate lifestyles came in the limelight, a number of individuals used their innovations in that also despite the fact that it belonged to the sea rovers of the medieval and renaissance eras. The pirate clothes, accessories, entertainment and festivals etc. are the clear reflections of this innovation. As we mentioned above, the outfits of the freebooters are the first examples of the sea rover trends. Read more [...]

Armors – The Life Savers of Ancient and Medieval Warriors

Hey freaks of pirate clothing! Let’s talk about something different now. Do you know how important armors were in the medieval times? Of course very much; it was the era of battlefields and conquering other kingdoms was very common practice. The armors were the items through which one was able to protect himself from the weapons. Distinct types of armors were in use during that period. First of all, the armors to cover the entire body were famous among the people. These armors were worn on the Read more [...]

Love of the Swashbuckling Types: A New Dimension to Explore

Love is undoubtedly a natural feeling of the human, so how can the pirate be untouched with it? When we look back towards the famous raiders of the medieval times and the subsequent centuries, we find several instances when the freebooters fell in love. This tendency was equally found in the male and female raiders, whose pirate costumes have become the fashion trends in the recent times. We can start with John Rackham, one of most notorious pirates of the Caribbean popularly known as ‘Calico Read more [...]