Contemporary Fashion Trends of the Era of Pirates

It is true that the pirate style is liked by a large number of fashion freaks in the recent times. But, we cannot deny the fact that it is not the only fashion trend of the era of the pirates. A number of medieval and renaissance trends were also in the limelight during that period. All these trends are liked by a large number of fashion freaks in the recent times. Medieval Trends: Medieval era was the period, when the common people used to wear the decent clothing. This decent medieval clothing Read more [...]

Real Freebooters and Pirates of the Caribbean Film

Plenty of films have been produced on the pirate lifestyles till date, which are full of fun and adventure. In the 21st century, Pirates of the Caribbean series gained the popularity most without any second thought. The series features the notorious fictional raider Captain Jack Sparrow, who has been brought to life by the actor Johnny Depp. The popularity of the series can be guessed with the fact that the pirate clothing in the patterns of the movie characters gained  widespread popularity in Read more [...]

Sir Francis Drake: Pirate or a National Hero???

When people read the name of Sir Francis Drake, they react differently depending upon their nationalities. He is a national hero for a number of English citizens, but a pirate for the Spaniards.  In the present scenario, the pirate shirts named after him are popular in the fashion world. As a matter of the fact, he was a privateer, who would be a pirate authorized by the governments. The privateer would not be a pirate in the real sense as his major purpose used to be giving benefit to the kingdom Read more [...]

Depiction of Real Swashbucklers in Fictional Pirate Films

The pirate theme is alluring the people of the western world since more than a half-century. A number of films have been produced on this theme, which provide the fictional depictions of the freebooters. These movies are inspired from the golden era of piracy that took place in the renaissance age. The pirate shirts, pants, skirts and many other outfits popular in the fashion world of today are not only inspired by the historical raiders, but the fictional sea rovers of the new-age films also play Read more [...]

Female Pirate Ching Shih Overpowers Bartholomew Roberts (Black Bart)

History witnessed a number of male as well as female freebooters who created the panic among the people. The pirates like John Rackham, Edward Teach, Bartholomew Roberts, Anne Bonny, Grace O’Malley, Ching Shih and so on are famous today also among the lovers of the pirate lifestyles. The pirate clothes named after all these raiders are gaining huge popularity nowadays. All these freebooter had to combat with the navies. Some of them were caught and killed. Now, the question that is raised in Read more [...]

Usage of Term ‘Piracy’ in Other Contexts

In the pirate fashion industry, we listen the term ‘piracy’ for the sea robbery, and the word ‘pirate’ refers to those sea rovers, who plunder the treasure ships. In the renaissance age, this piracy was on the heights, and a number of raiders in seas, oceans as well as rivers were active. The pirate shirts and other clothing types are based on these historical freebooters. But, as a matter of the fact, this term is not restricted to the loot on the ships. It is the term, which has several Read more [...]

The Areas Reflecting People’s Interests in Pirate Lifestyles

The lifestyles of the freebooters undoubtedly provide a distinct type of allure to the people of the western world in the recent times. This allure can be found in different areas, such as films, literature, festivals, clothing and a lot more. Films: The films are perhaps one of the most liked areas, which have gained the huge popularity in the recent times. “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series is one of the perfect instances in this respect. Protagonist Captain Jack Sparrow and other characters Read more [...]

Know about the Helmets of Distinct Historical Communities

Needless to say, the helmets act as the life savers on several occasions. In the historical eras also, they were the significant accessories because those were the eras of the battlefields. Distinct communities had different types of helmets, which have become part of fashion trend. They are widely worn by the people in renaissance festivals and pirate festivals. Some of the communities whose styles of helmets are popular today include: Roman: Holy Roman Empire ruled the western society for a Read more [...]