Impact of Renaissance Costumes on Pirate Clothing

The outfits of the swashbucklers are undoubtedly one of the great attractions among a number of men and women in the recent times. These costumes are no more the outlaw dresses. On the contrary, the pirate costumes are worn by the decent people of the time. These outfits belong to the renaissance age, the period of reawakening in Europe. During this period, on one hand, the new age costumes were gaining popularity among the lawful communities; on the other hand, a special trend of clothing was Read more [...]

Weapons and Shields: Medieval Era Cannot be Imagined without Them

The medieval era was the period of battlefields. Conquering other states or countries would be the dream of some over-ambitious monarchs. Therefore, there was a great usage of weapons during that era. On the other hand, they were necessary to defend the boundaries from the invaders, for combating with pirates, other fierce outlaws and so on. In order to accomplish this purpose, the tasks were assigned to the blacksmiths to make this stuff for war. Swords were undoubtedly the most famous medieval Read more [...]

Nautical Ship Lamps: Magnificent Memoirs of Medieval Sailors and Pirates

The nautical items undoubtedly had a wide significance for the sailors and pirates of the renaissance times. Different products were used for distinct purposes like regulating the duties, keeping track of time and so on. The most important product among them was unquestionably the ship lamp. We are saying it “most important” because it was the life saver of sailors and pirates. In the night, there were often the chances of collision of the ships with the rocks that would come on the ways. Read more [...]

Renaissance Wedding Dresses: Perfect Wardrobes for the Happiest Moment of Life

The popularity of the renaissance age costumes is not hidden from anyone in the present day society. These outfits belong to the era of rebirth of art and culture in the western society. These wardrobes are worn on several occasions, and for each occasion, there are the special renaissance costumes. The wedding dresses in the renaissance style are widely popular today. It is a well-established fact that a number of people started wearing the showy outfits during that era keeping aside the simple Read more [...]

What Was Going on in Lawful Societies in the Era of Pirates?

You would have read a lot about the golden age of piracy. But, do you know what was going on in the lawful communities in the same era or in the surrounding years? If not, then find out some tidbits in the points below: The society was divided into distinct communities according to their social and economic statutes. These communities include royals (monarch and his/her family), nobles (high-ranked officers under royals), warriors, aristocrats (merchants and landowners), commoners (small traders Read more [...]

Fashion Trends of Tudor Era – Unique Styles in Themselves

Have you ever heard about the fashion trends of the Tudor Era? Of course, many of the pirate trends are based on the same era, but here we are talking about those trends, which are liked by the lawful citizens of the country. The lawful citizens of that era included royals, nobles, commoners and peasants that would constitute the mainstream societies. Since the era of Tudors was a part of the renaissance era, the new style clothing with the artistic touch was very much in the limelight. These types Read more [...]

Pirate Coats and Vests: Stylish Costumes for Distinct Events

The pirate lifestyles are getting more and more popularity with the passage of time. This lifestyle has given us a lot of stuff, among which the pirate costumes are the most alluring ones. A variety of costumes in their styles are available in the market today. Among them, the pirate coats and vests are one of the most attractive items. These coats and vests are so brilliant that they can be worn in the usual parties also apart from the themed events. Their styles also resemble the designs of Read more [...]