How Renaissance Clothing Looks Like – A Brief Idea

Renaissance clothing – when you Google it, you find thousands of results defining the styles and of the web portals, which are selling this excellent genre of clothing. This clothing belongs to the renaissance period, when a large number of individuals had a keen interest in the art and culture that is reflected in their clothing styles as well. Today, this distinct type of genre has become an amazing fashion trend. You can find a number of people wearing this clothing in the renaissance festivals Read more [...]

Clothing Trends of Female Swashbucklers in the Fashion World

The significance of the female pirates in history is not less than that of male freebooters. Daniel Defoe has given them a special place in his book ‘A General History of Pyrates’. An interesting thing is that these female swashbucklers have provided a great stuff to the fashion world. The female pirate clothing is also widely popular today among the women of the western world. Among the historical freebooters, we find Mary Read and Anne Bonny as the most famous freebooters in the western Read more [...]

Wedding Costumes in Medieval and Renaissance Styles: Provide You an Entirely Different Makeover

Wedding is undoubtedly a special occasion for everyone, in which the style matters a lot. It has become a status-symbol nowadays to wear the extravagant costumes in the wedding parties by brides, bridegrooms, hosts of the parties and of course the guests. Individuals try the costumes of distinct genres, which are in the limelight in the recent times. Medieval and renaissance – these are the two special trends for men and women today. The medieval trends belong to the middle ages, when people Read more [...]

Both Men and Women Getting Inclined towards Pirate Costumes

The pirate trend is becoming more and more popular with the passage of time. A number of costumes in the styles of swashbucklers of the renaissance age are becoming more and more popular with the passage of time. Interestingly, these styles are popular among both men and women since we know the fact that there were both male and female pirate were active in the renaissance age, some of whom include Blackbeard, Black Bart, Calico Jack, Anne Bonny, Mary Read and more. On the other hand, we find the Read more [...]

Why We Miss Medieval Times

It is a known fact that the thing, which is not among us, fascinates us the most. The medieval era can be taken as an instance, which fascinates a number of individuals in the recent times. This era has a lot of aspects, which we miss today. Moreover, it also renders the stuff to the modern world in different ways. This era has provided the fashion trends to the present scenario. Today’s medieval clothing is directly inspired from it. On the other hand, a number of accessories, such as helmets, Read more [...]

Reenactment Activities in the Renaissance Festivals: Great Source of Fun and Education

Everything of the renaissance age has something fascinating to present the people of today’s scenario. Communities, living styles, eating styles, renaissance costumes, occupation of the people, swashbucklers of that era and a lot more things are the subject of allure among the individuals. This interest is manifested today in the renaissance festivals, which are celebrated to provide the glimpse of that era. The renaissance festivals are celebrated today in several parts of the western world. Read more [...]

Whey People Like Renaissance-Age Swashbucklers and Not the Modern Pirates

The modern era is also not untouched with piracy. Today also, there are a number of pirates in Somalia and Sumatra, who attack the ships of distinct nations. But, the people have no interest in them, unlike they have in the renaissance-age piracy. Instead, the modern pirates are the criminals, whom a large number of individuals hate. But, as we indicated above also, this is not the case of the medieval and renaissance age freebooters. On the contrary, people like their lifestyles. Their pirate Read more [...]

Different Dimensions of Medieval/Renaissance Clothing Trends

The medieval and renaissance periods provide a lot to the individuals who have the keen interest in ethnic clothing styles. We have discussed pirate clothing a number of times in many of the previous blogs. Besides, there are several other trends available in the market, which take you to the medieval fantasy. Perhaps, we have discussed this thing also sometimes, but talking about it from different angles provide us a new sight every time. So, let’s proceed further and analyze the things again. The Read more [...]

How Renaissance Clothing Trends Flourished in Europe

In the present scenario, the renaissance outfits are one of the major attractions for a large number of fashion freaks. These outfits were flourished in the renaissance age – the period of flourish of art and culture in Europe. But, do you know what the factors were which played the role in this new development in the fashion world? Here are some of the major aspects of that era, which give some ideas in this regard: People’s artistic instincts: The people started taking the interests in the Read more [...]