Dead Man’s Chest (2006): One More Enticing Film of the Caribbean Series

In the year 2006, Dead Man’s Chest of Pirates of the Caribbean series was released. Like the previous movies of the series The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), it had also gained widespread popularity among the masses. A new enthusiasm came in the pirate clothing fashion world also. The movie is first linked to the previous film of the series. At the end of the previous film of the series, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann were going to be married. In the film, the marriage of Will Turner and Read more [...]

Female Swashbucklers of the Movies

This is true that the swashbucklers of the movies have gained much more fame as compared to those who existed in the historical periods. The swashbuckler style outfits are the perfect instances in this respect. Although, the dresses of both real and fictional freebooters are highly popular in the recent times; but, the outfits of the movie characters are gaining a huge fame these days. A large number of people can be seen in the pirate clothing of Captain Jack Sparrow in several themed events. It Read more [...]

Close Association of Renaissance and Pirate Clothing

There is no doubt that the pirate and the renaissance trends are closely associated with each other. The pirate trends belong to the similar time spans to which the renaissance trends belong. In the renaissance age, the golden era of piracy took place. So, the resemblance of the two clothing styles is quite obvious. The pirates of that era used to loot the treasure from the ships. So, they would also loot the clothing, which belong to distinct communities; however, the costumes of aristocrats would Read more [...]

Privateer Trends: Perfect Combination of Nobles and Pirates

The era of Tudors is widely popular in the recent times for the fashion freaks. The costumes of royals, nobles, peasants and many other communities are widely popular in the recent times. The pirate clothing also belongs to the same era and it is liked widely by a big number of women and men in the recent times. There is a type, which presents the combination of pirate and noble fashion trends, and that is the trend of privateers. The privateers were the lawful swashbucklers, who worked in the Read more [...]