“On Stranger Tides”: Standalone Sequel of the Movie Series

On Stranger Tides is the 4th film of Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. All the three movies were connected to each other in their stories. But, this movie was made on a standalone story. Like the previous films, this movie also gained a huge fame in the entertainment world. Some new characters were introduced in the film, such as Angelica and Blackbeard. Blackbeard is the fictional depiction of the popular historical pirate Edward Teach “Blackbeard”, whose styles of pirate clothing are Read more [...]

“At World’s End”: The Caribbean Series Film, in Which Pirates Fight for Survival

At World’s End is the third movie of Pirates of the Caribbean series. The movie was released in the year 2007 and had gained widespread popularity since then. The plot of this movie was great. In this movie, Lord Cutler Becket destroys anybody who is associated with piracy and all the ships of the swashbucklers in the sea. After Elizabeth, Captain Jack Sparrow is saved by Captain Barbossa and Will  from the land of the dead. Beckett makes a dark alliance with control of Jones for ruling the seas Read more [...]