Armors – The Life Savers of Ancient and Medieval Warriors

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Hey freaks of pirate clothing! Let’s talk about something different now. Do you know how important armors were in the medieval times? Of course very much; it was the era of battlefields and conquering other kingdoms was very common practice. The armors were the items through which one was able to protect himself from the weapons.

Distinct types of armors were in use during that period. First of all, the armors to cover the entire body were famous among the people. These armors were worn on the shirts, and their purpose was to save the warriors from the hit of swords, lances and arrows etc.

But, more than this, a variety of shields were used for the same purpose. It was a type of portable device to protect the warriors at the time of the attack. There were two ways to use the shield. Some of the warriors would like to hold the shields in one hand so that they could put it in front of the body part where the opponent would be attacking. The other way was to tie the shields on the front of the body as well as on the back so the warrior could keep himself burden free and fight freely. The shields were used by most of the warriors of the world. The use of shields among the ancient Spartans is well-known. Besides, the medieval knights would also use them widely. Today, the historical shields are available in the market for the history freaks. On the other hand, the fantasy shields inspired from movies can also be obtained. For instance, 300 Spartan Warrior Shield is being offered, which is made on a popular movie based on the story of ancient Spartans named ‘300’.

Besides, the helmets would also play a significant role in the medieval times, which were the head protectors. We all know that beheading the enemy was a common trend in wars in history. Therefore, these head protectors were the necessary products among the warriors during that period. An interesting fact is that the distinct communities of warriors and pirates had different styles of helmets. Today, the helmets of Roman Empire, medieval knights, Vikings the pirates and many other communities can be acquired today from the market.

The abovementioned armors were made from the hard metals such as stainless steel. Today, the people keeping the armors can be witnessed in the themed events such as medieval festivals and renaissance festivals. One can acquire these products today from the stalls in themed events, in many of the stores that sell the historical products, or a number of online stores. The helmets and shields of some warrior clans can be acquired from the also.

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