Close Association of Renaissance and Pirate Clothing

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There is no doubt that the pirate and the renaissance trends are closely associated with each other. The pirate trends belong to the similar time spans to which the renaissance trends belong. In the renaissance age, the golden era of piracy took place. So, the resemblance of the two clothing styles is quite obvious. The pirates of that era used to loot the treasure from the ships. So, they would also loot the clothing, which belong to distinct communities; however, the costumes of aristocrats would dominate as most of the people on the ships would be the rich merchants. But, they used to wear them in their own styles, and we know this style as pirate clothing today. These people would usually wear the showy outfits.

On the other hand, there were some pirates, who were also the part of the noble class society. They were the privateers, who were the authorized pirates to loot the ships of the rival nations. Many of these privateers were the high ranked officers, which is why we find the noble styles in the pirate shirts. Sir Francis Drake is one of the most popular names in this regard. He was a famous warrior and officer in the Elizabethan court, who were also recognized as the privateers.

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