Clothing Trends of Female Swashbucklers in the Fashion World

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The significance of the female pirates in history is not less than that of male freebooters. Daniel Defoe has given them a special place in his book ‘A General History of Pyrates’. An interesting thing is that these female swashbucklers have provided a great stuff to the fashion world. The female pirate clothing is also widely popular today among the women of the western world.

Among the historical freebooters, we find Mary Read and Anne Bonny as the most famous freebooters in the western society. These are the two females whose names have been mentioned in the book of Daniel Defoe. They were members of John “Calico Jack” Rackham’s crew. They were brave, fierce and not behind men in anything including combats. They have impressed some modern biographers also, and the books have been written on their detailed biographies also. The skirts, blouses and shirts in the styles of these two popular female raiders are widely popular in the present scenario also. Another name of the western pirate, which we can take in this respect, is of Grace O’Malley. She was Queen of Umail but was involved in the pirate activities also. This is the reason why the pirate shirts in her name are highly popular these days.

Apart from the western society, the eastern world had also a number of notorious swashbucklers. Interestingly, the famous Chinese woman pirate Ching Shih was even stronger than the western female swashbucklers. She was a captain of a crew, and she defeated the Chinese, Portuguese and English forces with her largest pirate navy of in the world, which comprises of 17000 men. Since the name of this female has come in the limelight, the illusion of Mary Read and Anne Bonny being the fiercest female raiders has been shunned. The pirate skirts and some other outfits named after her can also be purchased today from the market.

The fact is well-known that some fictional raiders of the pirate-themed movies have also attracted the attention of the individuals in the recent times. Angelica of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean film: On Stranger Tides’ perfectly represents the female swashbucklers in the Hollywood films. She is the daughter of the famous swashbuckler Blackbeard in a film and acts as the companion of protagonist Captain Jack Sparrow.  Her designs of pirate costumes are one of the most popular outfits among women in the recent times.

The stuff that these female raiders have provided are amazing and they have given a new life to the fashion world.

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