Clothing Trends of Real and Fictional Swashbuckling Types Popular in Fashion World

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There was a time, when there was a great panic of the pirates in the seas. The swashbucklers used to plunder the ships of sea merchants. The costumes, which these freebooters would wear, have allured a large number of men and women in the recent times.

There are two types of pirate shirts and other costumes of swashbucklers available in the present scenario. One type is of the swashbucklers, who really existed in the history. The other one is of the fictional freebooters that we find in the Hollywood movies. It would be significant to mention that these fictional raiders are the romanticized versions of the real freebooters of history. Interestingly, some of the freebooters have been derived directly from the history. For instance, Blackbeard was a fierce freebooter of the “golden age of piracy”, whom we can see in the famous movie – Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

In the real freebooters, we find the costumes of distinct groups of freebooters. For instance, Vikings, the medieval raiders, are highly popular today in the renaissance festivals. The popularity of these swashbucklers can be witnessed with the fact that a complete era is named after them. The other ones are the Caribbean pirates. These were the swashbucklers, who worked in the golden age of piracy in the renaissance age. In addition, privateers, the authorized raiders by the states, are also the subject of allure for the individuals. Moreover, we can take the Chinese pirates as the other instances, who were the swashbucklers of the Far East.

Most of the films on pirate themes that we find today are based on the Caribbean pirates, but we find the others at some places. For instance, the Chinese pirate Ching Shih can be seen in one of the films of the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

The pirate clothes inspired by these real and fictional raiders are undoubtedly the great fashion trends in the recent times.

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