Dead Man’s Chest (2006): One More Enticing Film of the Caribbean Series

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In the year 2006, Dead Man’s Chest of Pirates of the Caribbean series was released. Like the previous movies of the series The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), it had also gained widespread popularity among the masses. A new enthusiasm came in the pirate clothing fashion world also.

The movie is first linked to the previous film of the series. At the end of the previous film of the series, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann were going to be married. In the film, the marriage of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann was interrupted by Lord Cutler Beckett of East India Trading Company. He issues the arrest warrant against them after they had helped Jack Sparrow in escaping the execution. He wants Will to take Captain Jack Sparrow along with his magic compass. In return, he offers “Letter of Marque” for Jack, which will declare him a privateer and will also ensure Will’s and Elizabeth’s pardon.

On the other side, Jack is facing a different problem. He had made a deal with Davy Jones, a tortured soul, who lives beneath the sea with a terrible sea beast. The deal was to raise the black pearl. Jack is unaware of the situation and persuades Will to enter into the ship. He retrieves the key to open Davy Jones chest, through which they will be able to control Jones and his fearful beast. When Will gets the key, Davy tries to hunt both Jack and Will. Now, the pirates are required to reach the chest of Jones in order to stop him.

The story has also created a great enthusiasm in the minds of the people. Its success motivated the producers to make the next movies of the series. One more movie is still in the pipeline, which will hopefully create more fad among the individuals.

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