Depiction of Real Swashbucklers in Fictional Pirate Films

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The pirate theme is alluring the people of the western world since more than a half-century. A number of films have been produced on this theme, which provide the fictional depictions of the freebooters. These movies are inspired from the golden era of piracy that took place in the renaissance age. The pirate shirts, pants, skirts and many other outfits popular in the fashion world of today are not only inspired by the historical raiders, but the fictional sea rovers of the new-age films also play a vital role in their manufacture.

Usually, these films comprise of the fictional plot. Many of the characters are also fictional, but an interesting aspect is that the real freebooters of history have also gotten the place in these films. But, these swashbucklers have been depicted in the fictional way in the movies. The famous raiders like Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Anne Bonny and Ching Shih etc. have been shown in many of these films.

Blackbeard is one the most famous raiders of the history. His character has been displayed in a large number of films. In the 1951, he was portrayed as a character in the movie named Anne of the Indies. Recently, he has been depicted in the fourth film of the Pirates of the Caribbean series named On Stranger Tides. In 2006, the film named “Blackbeard” was also released, which focused this notorious raider. Besides, Calico Jack has also been depicted in the Caribbean series, but in the form of indications. In The Curse of Black Pearl, the skeleton of Calico is visible. Moreover, the Jolly Roger flag of Jack with a skull and crossed swords has also been flown by Black Pearl in the same film in the beginning.

Similarly, we find Anne Bonny in the Anne of the Indies, with some different name Anne Providence. It is said that this film was made to show the real life history of Anne Bonny, but later on his plot was changed.

On the other hand, Ching Shih, another female freebooter born in China has also secured her place in At World’s End, one of the films of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. It is believed that Mistress Ching in the film is the fictional depiction of Ching Shih.

These fictional depictions of the raiders also provide a lot of stuff to the pirate clothing industry.

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