Difference between Pirates of Distinct Eras

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The pirates are active in the sea since the ancient times. But, we find the differences between the swashbucklers of distinct eras. The pirates about whom, we read today in history belonged to distinct cultures and circumstances; therefore, we find various significant difference that are the subject of study.

The ancient Mediterranean pirates were the beginners who had less experience of piracy, but still they performed this act brilliantly. The Mediterranean swashbucklers were the former fishermen who had the navigation knowledge, seafaring skills and their own boats. They started plundering the ships in the later stage with all these things.

Thereafter, we find the Viking Era and renaissance or early modern era, which gained a huge fame in the present scenario also. The Viking Era was a part of the medieval age. The Norse swashbucklers known as Vikings were active during that time. These raiders used to loot the ships and the coastal areas. They had no sympathy towards the religious shrines, so they also looted the monasteries located at the coastal areas.

The renaissance or early modern period also comprised of the fierce swashbucklers. During this period, the raiders were active at distinct locations such as Caribbean Sea and the Far East nations such as China. In China, there was even a parallel government, parallel market and the shadow economy of pirates. These raiders influenced most the modern era. A large number of movies and books on the swashbuckler themes are based on the renaissance age pirates especially those of the Caribbean Seas.

There was one more type of raiders in the renaissance age, known as ‘privateer’. As we mentioned, several times in the previous blogs, the privateers were the pirates whose acts were not supposed to be the outlaw acts. Instead, they would attack the ships of the enemy nations by permission of the courts.

Besides, the modern pirates equipped with the advanced weapons are famous in some parts of the Indian Ocean in the recent times. These raiders usually come from Somalia and Sumatra.

This pirate lifestyle has influenced the people a lot in the recent times. Their styles of pirate clothing are the significant parts of the fashion trends in the recent times.

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