Different Dimensions of Medieval/Renaissance Clothing Trends

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The medieval and renaissance periods provide a lot to the individuals who have the keen interest in ethnic clothing styles. We have discussed pirate clothing a number of times in many of the previous blogs. Besides, there are several other trends available in the market, which take you to the medieval fantasy.

Perhaps, we have discussed this thing also sometimes, but talking about it from different angles provide us a new sight every time. So, let’s proceed further and analyze the things again.

The showy trends of the royal class people are widely popular throughout the western world. Gowns, skirts and shirts etc. in the styles of regal class are widely available in many online and offline stores. Some special names, such as Queen Elizabeth I, are prominently popular in this respect. The Elizabethan costumes have become highly popular among women in the recent times. It will be significant to mention that the Elizabethan costumes refer to two types of dresses – (1) the costumes in the styles of Queen Elizabeth I and (2) the costumes flourished during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Here, we are talking about the first category. The gowns in the styles of Elizabeth are the best choices for the brides in the wedding parties.

Besides, the medieval costumes of warriors have also become the special attractions. But, these outfits are especially worn in the themed events like renaissance festivals and pirate festivals. Usually, they are supposed to be the outfits of the jousters. You can see these wardrobes worn by the jousters sitting on the horses and combating with each other through lances. On the other hand, many visitors also like to wear the outfits of the warriors.

Apart from the upper-class sections, whatever class or community we find in that era provides the stuff to the fashion world. For instance, farmer tunics can be seen on many websites selling the medieval style clothing. Similarly, peasant dresses are also widely popular, and they are ideal to wear in casual gatherings and some other events.

Besides, the clothing styles also faced the change with the passage of time and the flamboyance was added to the costumes in the renaissance period.

In addition, the costumes with the blend of two styles make people crazier. The combination of renaissance and pirate outfits is well-known among the fashion lovers. On the other hand, the pirate style is also blended with the modern gothic style originated from the Victorian era horror fictions. The concept of gothic is entirely different from that of the pirate, but because of the similar clothing styles, these two trends make a perfect match. Besides, the wearer can themselves make the combination in the way that they can wear the pirate pant with gothic shirt or vice versa.

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