Era of Pirates: Providing Fun and Fashion

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The era of pirates is still one of the major attractions in the present scenario. Perhaps, this is the reason why a number of games and films have been composed on the pirate themes. But, before we proceed, it is necessary for understand what exactly the era of pirates is. Was there a specific era, in which the swashbuckler existed? Of course not; as a matter of the fact, the piracy started in the ancient times, and it is still going on in some parts of the world.

But, still there is a time, which we can call as “era of pirates” since the piracy was at the peak during this period. Even, there was a time in-between this era, which we know as the “golden age of piracy”. But, the aforesaid golden age can be taken as a small part of this era of pirates. It was actually the renaissance age, to which we can give this name. The renaissance age was the period, when the art and culture were being flourished on one hand; and the pirates were making their culture, on the other. This culture had various aspects, which are popular in the present scenario as well. The pirate clothing is supposed to be the major part of the culture, which is popular today. The pirates would wear the looted clothing in their own way, which is the fashion trend in the recent times.

In addition, the adventurous lifestyles of the pirates are also admired by a large number of men and women today. A number of movies have also been produced, in which the swashbucklers have been depicted fictionally. Pirates of the Caribbean series featuring Captain Jack Sparrow (brought to life by Johnny Depp) is the most famous in the present scenario.  Captain Jack Sparrow, the protagonist of the film, is a pirate who is involved in a number of adventures. Besides, some other freebooters of the movies also attract the viewers. Angelica of On Stranger Tides perfectly represents the female pirates of the renaissance age such as Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Besides, the fictional depiction of the real pirate Blackbeard has also been shown in the movie. Four movies of this series have been produced, and the fifth one is in the pipeline. The pirate costumes in the styles of these swashbucklers of this movie are also the part of the fashion world.

Some other films have also been produced on the adventures of the pirates. One more name that we can take in this regard is Anne of the Indies produced in 1951. The movie has a fictional raider name Anne Providence, who is the fictional depiction of the historical freebooter named Anne Bonny. Moreover, the fictional depiction of Blackbeard can also be seen in this film.

There is no doubt that these outlaw pirates have a lot to provide the present day people.

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