Exchange of Pirate and Steampunk Cultures in Movies

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Many of you would have been the fond of the pirate culture. This is the historical culture, but can be seen in several swashbuckler themed films today. Both historical and fictional raiders highly allure a large number of individuals in the recent times. The pirate clothing trend of today is undoubtedly inspired by both movies and history.

Interestingly, the pirate culture has been appeared in some steampunk films also, the movies based on the Victorian Era science fiction. In the steampunk fiction movies, everything is set in the Victorian scenario, and technologies run via the steam power. “League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen” is one of the popular names in this regard. In this movie, there is a pirate named Captain Nemo. He is an Indian pirate as well as a science genius.

Similarly, the touch of steampunk or Victorian can be seen in a number of pirate themed films. For instance, in the popular pirate themed animation films named “The Pirates! in an Adventure with  Scientists“ and “The Pirates! Band of Misfits”, based on the novels by Gideon Defoe with the same name, we can find the Victorian scenario as well as the Victorian characters.

Perhaps, this wonderful combination of the concepts is one of the reasons due to which we find some similarities in the steampunk and pirate costumes.

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