Extension to the Pirate Culture

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Usually, the pirate culture refers to the renaissance age society of the raiders. But, in the form of swashbuckler themed films and literature, you can find its extension. This fictional culture is directly inspired by the raiders of that era. But, there are some differences between this fictional culture and that real swashbuckling culture.

This extension of the swashbuckler culture is actually the romanticized version. In this romanticized version, the swashbucklers are not much cruel as sometimes the real raiders used to be. Instead, they are the parts of the society, and the people love them. They make the people laugh; they help individuals and so on. Protagonist Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean film series is one of the most famous characters in this regard.

Besides, this extension can be seen to a large extent in the renaissance and the pirate festivals. Interestingly, people seem to be influenced by Pirates of the Caribbean series more rather than the real freebooters of the history. You can find the people wearing the pirate clothing of Captain Jack Sparrow and some other characters of the film series. The costumes of the female character of one of the films of the Caribbean series are also famous. Besides, the historical raider Blackbeard has also been depicted in the film, whose styles are hugely famous these days. An interesting thing is that people seem to be more inclined towards this fictional depiction of the real raider.  Moreover, in many of the pirate fests, the demonstrations of the swashbuckler lifestyles are also given on the lines of the Caribbean series films rather than the real raider. You can find a number of individuals wearing the pirate costumes in the styles of Pirates of the Caribbean series.

This extension of the real pirates has unquestionable created a distinct type of subculture in the recent times.

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