Some Famous Aspects of Tudor England

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The period of Tudors in England was one of the most popular time spans, in which a large amount of hustle and bustle could be witnessed. During this era, the nations saw both negative and positive aspects. Let’s discuss some of the significant facets of the Tudor England:

Renaissance Movement: Like other parts of Europe, England also witnessed the renaissance movement. This was the period of flourish of art and culture. So, in England also, we found the development of literature, architecture and many others. The new age costumes also came in the limelight, which are the source of inspiration for the present day renaissance and pirate costumes. Besides, the evolution of new dances and music could also be witnessed. The famous Volta dance was popularized by Queen Elizabeth I. It gained the popularity when queen performed it with her childhood friend Robert Dudley. Moreover, she used to perform galliard, another renaissance dance, as her regular exercise.

Protestant Reformation: The protestant reformation was an aspect, which played a significant role in the renaissance movement and was faced by England. It began in England when King Henry VIII broke with Rome and declared himself the head of Church of England. His son Edward VI also played a prominent role in this reformation in the very small age. In 1549, he introduced Protestant service in England, which was based on the Book of Common Prayer.

Catholic-Protestant Conflict and Burning of Innocent Protestants: The conflict of Catholicism and Protestantism started in England during this era. Some extremism could be witnessed also in the respect also. Edward VI changed the will of his father for the sake of securing the protestant faith and declared his cousin sister Lady Jane Grey as his heir. He did so because his elder half-sister Mary I, who was a devout catholic, was next to him in the line of succession according to his father’s will. Edward was sickly child who was facing the tuberculoses, and he was afraid that his sister would reverse the reforms after his death. But, after his demise, Jane Grey lost the support in nine days and was executed. His elder sister Mary I became the next monarch. She crossed all the limitations of extremism and brutality. She started burning the innocent protestant in stakes for the sake of restoring the catholic faith in England.

Privateering: Privateering was also started in England at the time of Queen Elizabeth I. The privateers were the authorized pirates, who used to loot the treasure ships of the rival nations. Some of the pirate shirts named after the privateers are also the part of the fashion trends in the recent times. The famous pirates of that era included Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Henry Gilbert etc.

Explorations: Exploration of the new world also commenced in the Elizabethan Era. The explorers travelled the new world and introduced the new things in England. For instance, Sir Walter Raleigh, who was a courtier, privateer as well as the explorer, took tobacco and some other things to England and introduced them in the Elizabethan court. He is also credited to popularize tobacco in England.

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