Some Famous Pirate Characters of the Movies Enticing the People

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Pirate – people used to be scared after hearing this word around 500 years ago. The swashbucklers were involved in the occupation of plundering the ships of the sea merchants. So, the merchants had a great panic, and it was necessary for them to safeguard their ships from the swashbucklers. Today, the lifestyles of the swashbucklers have been romanticized by various filmmakers. This is one of the reasons behind people’s interest towards the pirate clothing. Some famous characters of the films are being admired by a large number of men and women in the present scenario.

Captain Jack Sparrow: Captain Jack Sparrow is the most famous fictional freebooter in the present scenario. He is the protagonist of all the movies of Pirates of the Caribbean series. He is notorious, kindhearted, funny and a lot more simultaneously. His life is full of adventures. The Caribbean series movies are highly popular as the adventure series. Moreover, he also has been shown as a kindhearted person as you can find him saving a girl named Elizabeth Swann from drowning.

Angelica: Angelica is depicted in one of the movies of Pirates of the Caribbean series – On Stranger Tides. She is the daughter of the notorious pirate Blackbeard and acts as the companion of Jack Sparrow. Angelica perfectly represents the female swashbucklers of the history. We all know that we find the presence of some famous female pirates such as Mary Read and Anne Bonny. Angelica is a fictional female pirate who has all the qualities of a swashbuckler girl.

Blackbeard: He is the father of Angelica in the movies and is the fictional depiction of the famous historical pirate Blackbeard. It is a known fact that Edward Teach “Blackbeard” is a popular name in the history of pirates. He was one of the fiercest freebooters of the renaissance age. The film doesn’t tell the biography of Blackbeard, but just shows the character of Blackbeard in the fictional way. An interesting thing is that the pirate costumes of Blackbeard available in today’s market resemble more with this fictional character instead of the real historical raider with the same name.

Anne Providence: Anne Providence could be witnessed in the popular 1951 movie – Anne of the Indies. She is the fictional depiction of the famous historical female pirate Anne Bonny. It is said that it was planned to make the film on the real history of Bonny, but in the later stage, the movie with fictional theme was produced. The surname of the famous female raider has also been changed in the film.

Sinbad: Sinbad is a famous character of Arabian Nights, who is not a pirate in his original story. But, in an animation film named Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, he has been depicted as a pirate. Still, he is not such type of swashbuckler who loots the ships of the merchants. He uses his crew and the piracy skills for the good. In the movie, his purpose is to loot the mystical and magical book of peace.

The pirate shirts, pants and many other outfits inspired by these swashbucklers are highly popular in the recent times.

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