Fascinating Fictional Female Pirates

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We have mentioned the female pirates of history a number of times in the previous blogs in different contexts. But, do you know about the fictional female pirates? Yes, this is true that some female pirates have also been depicted in some films. Some of them are entirely the work of fictions, whereas some others are the fictional depictions of some historical swashbucklers.

One of the examples we can take is of Anne Providence of the popular 1951 film Anne of the Indies. She is the fictional depiction of the historical pirate Anne Bonny, but the story as well as the surname have been changed in the movie. It is said that this film was made in order to make a biographical film of the pirate, but the story was changed after some time.

But, the most famous fictional female swashbuckler of the films is Angelica. She is the character of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and is the companion of protagonist Captain Jack Sparrow. Angelica is also the daughter of the pirate Blackbeard and is the first mate on the ship. This sweet-looking pirate has gained so much fame in the present scenario that the pirate clothing in her styles are highly popular among the women.

Another name, we can take is of, Pirate Jenny. She is the daughter of Captain Nemo. Pirate Captain Nemo was first depicted in some of the novels of steampunk author Captain Jack Sparrow. Later on, it was taken in the comic book and the film based on it with the same name The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. Since he is the character of the steampunk film, he is a science genius. He gained the fame with the aforesaid film. There is no mention of Jenny in the film, but according to the comic book, she is the daughter of Nemo who further succeeded her father and became the next Captain Nemo.

All these female pirates are subject of fascination for men and inspiration for women because of their bravery.

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