Festivals in the Western Society: Best Sources for Entertainment as-well-as Information

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There is no doubt that a large number of people desire to enjoy something different after their hectic lifestyles. A number of festivals are celebrated in the western world in order to accomplish this purpose. Some of the festivals are organized keeping the entertainment as a major focus, whereas some others present the literary aspects. Some of the festivals that you may enjoy in distinct nations include:

Renaissance Festivals: The renaissance festivals are the most famous without any doubt. These fests are celebrated in many countries, but the fests of America are the most famous ones in this regard. In these fests, you can observe a variety of events, which are related to the renaissance and the medieval Europe. Stalls comprising of the wares, of medieval and renaissance times, renaissance age occupation, such as blacksmithing, the people wearing the renaissance & pirate clothing, jousting events, dances, music and there are a lot more things, which are liked by the people of today without any second thought. The big ren-fests are organized in the weekends, and each weekend has some special theme.

Medieval Festivals: These festivals are usually celebrated in UK. The festivals focus on the medieval era, and the demonstration of some battle of the history remains special attraction in the fests. Besides, various entertainment activities, such as dance and music can also be enjoyed the aforesaid event.

Pirate Festivals: The pirate festivals have the focus on the swashbuckler themes. These themes have been derived from the historical freebooters of the renaissance age as well as the fictional freebooters of movies and games. The influence of Pirates of the Caribbean film series can be widely seen on these festivals in the present scenario. The demonstrations of various pirate events remain the special allure in these fests. The men and women wearing different pirate shirts, pants, skirts, blouses, gowns, coats and vests of distinct real as well as fictional raiders can also be seen in these events.

Gothic Events: The gothic events are based the literary culture of modern Goths, which believes in the presence of the supernatural characters such as the ghosts and vampires etc. This literature was started being composed in 18th and 19th century. A number of movies have also been produced on this theme. It is supposed to be a dark culture. The men and women following this culture wear the dark colored costumes. This culture can be perfectly witnessed in the gothic events. Whitby Goth Weekend is one of the perfect instances in this regard.

Steampunk Festivals: Steampunk is the subculture based on the science fiction of the Victorian era, in which all the technological gadgets are run through the steam power. It was started from the novellas of the Victorian era authors such as H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. A number of novels, movies as well as art work have been composed on the steampunk theme till date. Moreover, this punk culture is very close to the gothic culture. Those, who want to be the part of this steampunk subculture, can enjoy this festival with a great pomp and show.

Shakespeare Festivals: This is a literary festival based on the literature of the great playwright William Shakespeare. The festival is celebrated in UK, and a number of countries take part in it.

Pagan Festivals: The festival is based on the pagan lifestyle. The pagans are the religious people, who worship nature, divine feminine or the pre-Christian deities. These festivals look like the ren-fests in some aspects.

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