Impact of Pirate Lifestyle on Modern Society

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Impact of Pirate Lifestyle on Modern Society

There was a time which was known as ‘golden age of piracy’ in several parts of the world. During this era, piracy was on the great height. Beside, other times were also not unaffected by this outlaw act. Now, the thing, which is really surprising for the people, is that the lifestyle of the medieval age raiders fascinates the people a lot. This fascination can be witnessed in various aspects.

Clothing: Pirate shirts, skirts, costumes, and there are many other outfits, which have become the fashion-statements in the recent times. These costumes are liked in the several themed events. Birthday parties, festivals, fancy dress parties etc. are some of events, where these dresses are worn.

Events: A number of events are organized on the pirate theme, which create a lot of craze in the minds of the people. The pirate festivals and weekends can be marked as most popular events, which we can take as examples in this respect. The festivals are especially meant for the sea rovers themes, whereas the weekends are the parts of the renaissance festivals. Besides, some parties are also organized by the people on the personal level. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ birthday parties are the most popular ones in this respect, which are meant for the fun of the children.

Theme-based Days: The people of the western world like to be a pirate, after witnessing their sailor-like lifestyles. ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ is celebrated on 19th September. People like to enjoy the lifestyle of the raiders on this day by using some world of raiders, which were used by them during the medieval era.

Stories and Novels: A number of stories and novels have been written, based on the raiders’ lifestyles. “The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists” by Gideon Defoe is one of the popular novels which focuses in their lifestyle.

Films and Media Entertainment: A plenty of films have been made, in which sea rovers’ lifestyles have been romanticized a lot. “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series is one of the most popular names in this regard. On the other hand, various animation films are also gaining the popularity. “Sinbad: Legend of The Seven Seas” is an animation film, in which this lifestyle has been portrayed brilliantly.

Games: Children and gaming can be part of the sea rover lifestyles by playing the pirate games. The scenario of many of these games is set in the golden age of piracy. Many of these frolics are available online also, which you can try and have fun.

The lifestyle of the sea rovers has undoubtedly given us a lot. It is true that we cannot accept their morals, but we can take some positive traits like bravery and wonderful pirate costumes.

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