Impact of Renaissance Costumes on Pirate Clothing

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The outfits of the swashbucklers are undoubtedly one of the great attractions among a number of men and women in the recent times. These costumes are no more the outlaw dresses. On the contrary, the pirate costumes are worn by the decent people of the time.

These outfits belong to the renaissance age, the period of reawakening in Europe. During this period, on one hand, the new age costumes were gaining popularity among the lawful communities; on the other hand, a special trend of clothing was getting popularized among the freebooters. A large number of outfits of the swashbucklers used to be a form of the dresses popular in the mainstream society. The only major difference was that the pirates used to wear them in their own styles. As it is a known fact, the occupation of the swashbuckler was to plunder the ships. Along with the treasure, they would also loot the flamboyant dresses. Among them, they used to select the dark colored outfits in most of the cases. Moreover, some special designs would also attract them, which were capable to reflect their occupation. The captains of the crews used to wear a special kind of hat. There is an estimate that some of the costumes might be got tailored by the pirates. We can guess it because the pirates would use some flags with their own designs. Quite obviously, these flags would have been made by some expert tailors. So, there are full chances that some of the dresses might have been ordered by the swashbucklers to be tailored.

In today’s scenario, the outfits of the sea rover as well as of the lawful communities of the renaissance era are the fashion trends in the western society. Usually, the renaissance and the pirate trends are supposed to be different from each other, but since many of them would be looted from the ships, so they have a lot of similarities. In the present scenario also, the renaissance costumes have put a great impact of the outlaw costumes.

The major impact that we can see is that on the contrary to the popular belief is that today’s pirate outfits are available in myriad of colors. We have mentioned above that most freebooters would wear the dark colored costumes. So, today also most of the pirate shirts, pants and other outfits are available in dark shades, but there are the exceptions because of the influence of the renaissance outfits.

On the other hand, the frilly or ruffled designs on the outfits of the raiders show the clear influence of the renaissance trends. Moreover, you can find the perfect blend of the pirate and renaissance wardrobes on the dresses of the privateers. The privateers were not the outlaw pirates, but they were the authorized raiders, who were assigned the task of looting the ships of the enemy nations. Many of them were the high ranked officers, but still their work was similar to the pirates up to some extent. This is the reason why we find a perfect mix these two types of outfits on the privateer costumes.

The renaissance’s influence on the pirate wardrobes has undoubtedly given a new life to the pirate outfits.

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