What Was Going on in Lawful Societies in the Era of Pirates?

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You would have read a lot about the golden age of piracy. But, do you know what was going on in the lawful communities in the same era or in the surrounding years? If not, then find out some tidbits in the points below:

  • The society was divided into distinct communities according to their social and economic statutes. These communities include royals (monarch and his/her family), nobles (high-ranked officers under royals), warriors, aristocrats (merchants and landowners), commoners (small traders and service-class people etc.) and peasants (labor class families). They had distinct lifestyles, eating styles, dressing styles that gave birth to renaissance clothing fashion, and more.
  • Renaissance movement was started during this era. It was the period of flourish of art and culture.
  • Scientific revolution was also begun, and various new discoveries, explorations and inventions took place. World mapping was done by some dignitaries. Sea routes to the lands like America, Australia and India were discovered. Heliocentric theory was also discovered in this period.
  • Old classics were reintroduced. Before this era, attention was not paid towards them because of orthodoxy. Besides, a lot of new literature was written. William Shakespeare is the most famous name among the authors born during that period. His plays are acted as well as read in today’s scenario also.
  • The trends of clothing were also changed. The new age renaissance costumes came in the limelight. People started adding their innovations to the medieval style dresses. Moreover, the fashion leaders, such as Isabella d’Este were also born in this period, who introduced the new trends.
  • In this era of flourish of art and culture, some new style paintings also came in the limelight. Leonardo da Vinci, a great polymath, made some unique masterpieces. His famous painting Mona Lisa acquired the fame crossing the barriers of the time and locations. Moreover, he also portrayed flying machine centuries ago from the invention of the airplane.
  • The society also witnessed various political upheavals. Queen Mary I, the famous Tudor monarch of England, started burning the innocent Protestants in stakes. The situation became stable when the new monarch, Queen Elizabeth I was enthroned.
  • In the Elizabethan era, a different type of piracy flourished, which was known as privateering. The privateers used to be the authorized pirates by the governments. Their motive was not the personal interest, but was to give benefit to their states. They would do this by plundering the treasure ships belonging to the rival nations. Many of these privateers were the high ranked officers in the courts or armies. Some popular names of the privateers include Sir Francis Drakes, Sir Humphrey Gilbert, Sir Walter Raleigh and more.
  • The growth in the social or economic status of various communities was witnessed. For instance, many of the peasants were included in the communities of farmers or some other higher class sections.
  • Banking sector also became popular. Medici Bank was the famous bank during this era, which was established by a renowned dynasty of this period – Medici.

The abovementioned analysis tells that this era consisted of the mix of positive and negative aspects, but the positive facets undoubtedly prevailed.

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