Laws of the Pirates of Eastern and Western Worlds

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An interesting thing about the swashbuckler lifestyles is that they had their own laws. They would work as per their laws, and they would live like the democratic lifestyles of today. Many of these raiders used to have an elected captain.

The crew members would elect the captain to the person to whom they used to thing as appropriate for the post. It will be significant to mention here that the captain’s outfits in the pirate clothing trends are widely popular today. In some of the crews, the single captain was not elected, and the powers were distributed in distinct individuals. For instance, one person would lead the ships at the time of combats, the other would manage the finance, and so on.

In addition, the swashbucklers also had the rights to discard a captain in case if they would think him as inefficient. Captain Charles Vane – it is the name, which we can take as an example. When crew members thought him as a coward, they replaced him with John “Calico Jack” Rackham.

On the other hand, the freebooters would also provide the pension to the disabled pirates. They would give them so much gold for spending the entire life without any trouble.

Some other laws were prevalent, but there were also the flexibilities. According to a law, the females were not allowed in the crews.  But, Calico Jack changed this law for his crew after the two female swashbucklers named Anne Bonny and Mary Read entered in the crew.

In the eastern world also, we find the laws in the swashbucklers. The famous female captain of the biggest pirate navy of the world, Ching Shih (better known as Zheng Yi Sao), made some significant rules for her crew members. These rules would force the morality and some loyalty to the swashbucklers. For instance, she made the rule that if some raider would rape a female victim, he would be beheaded, and his head would be dumped in the ocean. She also declared the same punishment for those who would steal from the treasury.

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