Love of the Swashbuckling Types: A New Dimension to Explore

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Love is undoubtedly a natural feeling of the human, so how can the pirate be untouched with it? When we look back towards the famous raiders of the medieval times and the subsequent centuries, we find several instances when the freebooters fell in love. This tendency was equally found in the male and female raiders, whose pirate costumes have become the fashion trends in the recent times.

We can start with John Rackham, one of most notorious pirates of the Caribbean popularly known as ‘Calico Jack’. He was the captain of a crew and came in contact of a woman named Anne Bonny. Both Calico Jack and Anne Bonny ruled the seas as pirates. Anne Bonny became the mistress of Calico Jack. Of course, it was not a love in a true sense, and it was more physical than mental. But, still it was a feeling of affection up to some extent.

There was another female in the crew of Calico Jack named Mary Read. Read also tasted the feeling of love twice in her lifetime. First, she was in love with a Flemish solider, but she was not a raider that time. She herself was serving in the British military during that period. She married her lover, but unfortunately he died soon. After becoming a raider, she fell in love with a prisoner of the crew. Her dedication towards him can be estimated with the fact that she put her life in risk for him. Once, a pirate of the crew challenged her lover for duel. But, Read arranged a secret duel with that raider a few hours before and killed him in order to save the life of her lover. Perhaps, it was a for of true love.

Such love relations could be seen among the eastern raiders also. In 1801 A.D., a famous Chinese freebooter named Zheng Yi fell in love with a prostitute named Ching Shih. He decided to marry this girl, but Shih put the condition that he would share his power and money with him, which he agreed. Zheng Yi was killed in 1807, and Ching Shih took command of his crew. She successfully commanded the crew up to several years and defeated some strong forces of the era. After leaving the piracy, she married her former husband’s First mate, which could also be a love.

So, as a matter of the fact, the pirates also had the feelings of love like every normal human being. The love of the swashbucklers may also be a subject of historical significance, apart from the fashion of pirate pants, shirts, skirts and other outfits.

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