Mary Read Pirate Clothing – Excellent Fashion Statement for the Funky Women

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Mary Read Pirate Clothing

Renaissance age was undoubtedly a golden era for Europe, but an interesting fact is that some of its part was the golden era for piracy also. These pirates were popular for their notorious activities like robbing the ships. On the other hand, their lifestyles were like the sailors, which became the alluring factors for the people of the modern times. Moreover, their clothing styles also became the fashion trends for today. You can see many people wearing the pirate shirts, pants, skirts and other costumes with a great enthusiasm.

An interesting fact about the era of piracy is that there was the involvement of some females also. Mary Read was one of the most famous female pirates in the history. Author Daniel Defoe mentioned her in his famous book “A General History of Pyrates”. She was forced to join the crew of pirate Calico Jack, where she worked as efficiently as a man could do.

Mary Read not only gained popularity for her notoriety, but also for her mail disguise. Her mother kept her in the male disguise in childhood in order to continue the financial help from her grandmother. She was recognized as a male up to a long time. She also joined forces in the male costumes. She wore the female dress first time after marriage. But, after the death of her husband, she resumed the male dresses. When she entered in Jack’s crew, she was thought to be a male, but later on she had to reveal her real identity. After that, she started wearing the female dresses in the normal situations and the male costumes at the time of combats.

Both male and female pirate costumes in the Mary Read style are popular today in the fashion market. The pirate pants of Mary Read are very popular among the females. On the other hand, skirts have also been designed by the designers in her garb sets. You can click here to find out some of the examples of her clothing in the fashion styles of today.

Apart from Mary Read, the styles of some other female raiders are also popular in the present scenario. Anne Bonny, another famous female freebooter and one more member of Calico Jack’s crew, is also popular among the females, and her styles are gaining widespread popularity. Various modern innovations are also added to her style while manufacturing her costumes. The blend of modern and historical trends makes these costumes the perfect fashion statements.

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