Why We Miss Medieval Times

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It is a known fact that the thing, which is not among us, fascinates us the most. The medieval era can be taken as an instance, which fascinates a number of individuals in the recent times. This era has a lot of aspects, which we miss today. Moreover, it also renders the stuff to the modern world in different ways.

This era has provided the fashion trends to the present scenario. Today’s medieval clothing is directly inspired from it. On the other hand, a number of accessories, such as helmets, medieval scarves and a lot more are also popular in the recent times.

Besides, the existence of the monarchs and battlefields are the other alluring factors of the medieval times. It was the time, when the rallies of the monarchs would go on the streets and individuals would watch them from the corners. Their royal medieval costumes used to be the alluring things during that period also.

On the other hand, the sports of the royals would also attract the individuals. These sports were one of the major sources of entertainment during that time. In the big grounds, the events like jousting, fencing and horse riding were organized, which used to be the source of special attraction for the individuals. Such sports are alive today also. If you are willing to see these sports in proper medieval styles, then renaissance festivals may be appropriate occasions for you.

In addition, different types of dances, music and a number of other such things were also the source of entertainment at that time.

Moreover, as we mention above, this was the era of battlefields. The monarchs had the wish to expand the borders of their territories. It would often result in war. These battlefields also attract the present day history lovers. The warriors of that era would fight with the old-age weapons such as the swords, lances, bows, spears and more.

All these medieval aspects can be best witnessed in the themed events today, such as the renaissance festivals and the pirate festivals. Besides, the vendors with medieval occupations also provide the perfect glimpse of that era in these fests. For instance, you can witness blacksmiths sitting there and making iron products in the medieval style. There is no doubt that the medieval era will allure us up to several more centuries.

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