Know about Some Merciful Cruel Pirates

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This is a truth that the pirates of the renaissance age used to be cruel. They would behead others, cut the parts of the body and so on. But, sometimes we find some positive qualities in them when we read their biographies. Some of these positive qualities have attracted people towards the pirate lifestyles. This seems to be the reason for the people’s interest towards the pirate clothing.

But, you will be surprised to know that there was some mercy also in the hearts of these cruel pirates also. Interestingly, we find this element in some of the cruelest pirates of the world. In the western world, we find the name of a pirate named Bartholomew Roberts. He is supposed to be the one of the most brutal swashbucklers of the world, which is why he is also known as “Black Bart”. He made the rule for the pirates that a boy or a woman would not be allowed on the ships. It may be gender discrimination for some people, but this rule was helpful in preventing the brutality or rape of a woman. However, John “Calico Jack” Rackham changed the rule for his crew because of the arrival to two female crew members named Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Besides, some other female pirates could also be witnessed in the history, which were the exceptions of this rule, and were themselves the pirates.

The other such example can be seen in China, where female pirate Ching Shih was a dominant swashbuckler. She was the strongest pirate of the world without any doubt. She took the control of the crew after the death of her husband. She had the biggest fleet of pirates in the world. She made some rules for her crew members, among which some were based on the justice. For instance, one of the rules was that the person who would perform rape a female prisoner would be beheaded, and his head will be dumped into the ocean. On the other hand, she also made the same rule for the crew members who would loot the city, which has already paid tribute. ‘Tribute’ was the tax given to the pirates by the people. There is no doubt that he showed the mercy on the weak women and the people, who had paid the taxes to the swashbucklers.

Such acts sometimes enforce the people to think about the freebooters from a different angle.

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