Motives of Distinct Types of Swashbucklers

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In the maritime history, we find the presence of different types of pirates. Some of them were those who would loot the ships of the merchants for their monetary benefits. Most number of the swashbucklers found in the history is of those. These types of raiders were existent in both the periods. The pirate clothing in the styles of such people are widely popular in the present scenario. Vikings, Mediterranean pirates and Caribbean pirates etc. fall under this category.

Besides, there were some other swashbucklers, who attacked the ships for plundering some specific object. There are some swashbucklers named timber pirates in history, whose motive was to loot the timber from the boats. These were actually the river pirates.  The presence of such swashbucklers was found in the 19th century in United States.

Another famous form of the swashbucklers in history is of the privateers. The privateers would attack the ship to give the benefits to their nations or kingdoms. They didn’t attack for the personal profits. All the assets they would loot would go to their governments, and in return they would get the reward. Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh etc. were the popular privateers in the Elizabethan court in England. The existence of the privateers could be seen in the countries like France and Spain. The privateers were not considered as the outlaws in their own nations, but they were treated as the pirates in the enemy nations. The pirate shirts, pants and many other costumes of thee privateers are also available in the market in the present scenario.

Some pirates are active today also in the Indian Ocean, who come from Somalia and Sumatra. The propose of these pirates is their personal profit, and they do it by kidnapping the people and demanding ransoms from the governments of their nations.

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