Nautical Products of Pirates: Perfect Add-ons in Pirate Fashion

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The lifestyle of the medieval pirates is the subject of fascination among today’s people without any doubt. That is why, a number of people keep a huge interest in wearing the pirate clothing. This type of clothing is very popular in a number of themed events such as renaissance festival and pirate festival.

Apart from the dresses, there are many other items, which are the subject of interest of the people. The nautical products are the special assets that attracted the attention of a large number of people. These nautical products are the small items used in the ships of the sailors and pirates of the medieval era. These products would help them in completing their journey without any difficulty.

Nautical bell was one of the items, which were popular during that era among the swashbucklers. This was the bell meant for regulating the duty of the pirates as well as giving the information to them about the presence of captain or first mate. The number of bells rung would indicate the time and presence that would help the freebooters a lot.

Nautical sextant was another product to help the raiders in their journeys. The sextant was used to tell about the angular distance between an object and the horizon or the two objects.

Besides, nautical telescope was other product, and we don’t think that the telescope needs any introduction. It is needless to mention that the work of the telescope was to keep track on distant objects such as the rocks or the ships of the enemies. So, the freebooters were able to be ready for combats, or save the ships from collision with rocks with the help of these telescopes.

The other important things found on the pirate ships include the compasses that were used for knowing about the directions, i.e., east, west, north and south. On the other hand, the sundials were also used for keeping track on time by shadow of a pointer. This pointer was casted by the sun onto the plate marked with hours of the day. There was another item also for the time tracking that we know as sand timers. The product comprises of two bulbs attached with each other, with sand in one of them. When the timer is inverted, the sand starts trickling from one bulb to another. The time, in which the sand reaches other bulb, is helpful in understanding the time.

Nautical ship lamp is another item, which was undoubtedly the life saver of the raiders as well as the pirates. They would show the path to the individuals sitting on the ships at night, and are also helpful in seeing whether there is a rock or some object with which the ship can collide.

Apart from all, some raiders would also keep the divers helmets, which were used for diving in the waters.

All these products are available today, and people take them as part of the pirate fashion trend. In the festivals, these items are supposed to be perfect add-ons with pirate shirts, pants and other outfits.

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