Nautical Ship Lamps: Magnificent Memoirs of Medieval Sailors and Pirates

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The nautical items undoubtedly had a wide significance for the sailors and pirates of the renaissance times. Different products were used for distinct purposes like regulating the duties, keeping track of time and so on.

The most important product among them was unquestionably the ship lamp. We are saying it “most important” because it was the life saver of sailors and pirates. In the night, there were often the chances of collision of the ships with the rocks that would come on the ways. If the vessel and the rock would collide, it used to be resulted in destruction a number of lives. But, if the ship lamp would be kept then it was possible to avert the danger and change the direction of the ship. On the other hand, these lamps might be put inside the ships to make the things visible. We all know that there was no electricity or advanced technologies during that era, so undoubtedly the nautical ship lamps had the significant place in the lives of the people, who would remain on the sea most of the time.

In today’s scenario, there is no more need of ship lamps in the vessels. The advanced electric lights fulfill the purpose in much efficient manner. Still, a number of people like to purchase the nautical ship lamps from the market. The individuals who buy it are not the sailors or the pirates. In fact, they are the common people from every profession. They buy these products as decors or as the memory of the historical eras. These products can be taken to the themed events, such as renaissance festivals. If you wear renaissance costumes and keep items like ship lamps in hands while wandering in the fests, then they will provide you a perfect renaissance mood.

These nautical ship lamps are being offered by a number of vendors. You can also visit a number of internet sites for getting acquiring these products. The lamps come in the full working conditions. Besides, they are available in the beautiful looks, which provide them the fancy styles. Moreover, you can find them in the shining colors like golden and brass. Most of these lamps are closed and are lit after putting oil in them. In addition, there is a handle on each ship lamp in order to lift it comfortably.

These nautical ship lamps also have some practical usages. These usages are not discussed or are perhaps not so important in a number of nations. But, in the countries, where we find the electricity failures, these lamps play an entirely different role.

Apart from the lamps, you can buy several more nautical items also such as the nautical bells, sextants, sand timers, sundials, compasses and telescopes. These products have their own usages and both of them are purchased today as the antiques.  These nautical items are available on the internet sites like and

These products may take you to another world, which is a fantasy now, but was a reality around 500 years ago.

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