The Fantasy Pirate Clothing

The styles of pirates of are widely famous these days. A number of fantasy pirate costumes are also available in the market, which entice a number of people in the recent times. Some of the fantasy costumes that are popular in the recent times are connected to the historical pirates as well as the fictional swashbucklers. The fictional swashbucklers, whose costumes are widely famous these days, are from some movies popular these days. Pirates of the Caribbean film series is a famous name in this Read more [...]

Gothic Pants: The Ideal Wardrobes to be Worn with Pirate Shirts

The gothic and pirate, these two trends are one of the most popular and are often worn in the replacements. It is a known fact that the coincidental similarity between the two trends takes them closer to each other. The costumes of both the trends come in the dark shades, which is one of the prominent reasons behind the similarity of the wardrobes of the two trends. Moreover, the presence of the horrific metaphors such as skulls and skeletons also give them the resemblance. Therefore, the combination Read more [...]

Pirate/Gothic Dresses and Gowns: The Dark Beauty in the Fashion World

A variety of dresses are available in market in the recent times that provide you the appearance of a swashbuckler of the medieval/renaissance period. The gowns and dresses for women are available today in a wide variety on a number of stores in the present scenario. The pirate clothing also has a great significance today without any second thought. As we all know, there were some female swashbucklers also in the “Golden Age of Piracy” along with the male raiders. Mary Read, Anne Bonny and Read more [...]

Themed Jewelry: Perfect Add-On with Steampunk, Gothic and Pirate Clothing

Jewelry is one of the ideal choices for the fashion lovers in the recent times. The ornaments enhance the beauty of a person without any doubt. If the jewelry is based on some special theme then it will give something new to the individuals. A variety of themed jewelries are available in the market today. Pirate, gothic and steampunk style ornaments are the choices of some of the people in the recent times. These are the same trends whose clothing items are widely liked by a large number of men Read more [...]

Exchange of Pirate and Steampunk Cultures in Movies

Many of you would have been the fond of the pirate culture. This is the historical culture, but can be seen in several swashbuckler themed films today. Both historical and fictional raiders highly allure a large number of individuals in the recent times. The pirate clothing trend of today is undoubtedly inspired by both movies and history. Interestingly, the pirate culture has been appeared in some steampunk films also, the movies based on the Victorian Era science fiction. In the steampunk fiction Read more [...]

Why So Many People Are Interested in the Pirate Lifestyles

There are a large number of people today, who are very much interested in the pirate lifestyles. It seems complicated sometimes when we try to find out the reasons. Still, there are the reasons, which we can know after a little analysis. Pirate Themed Films: The pirate themed movies seem to be the major reason, due to which the lifestyles of the swashbucklers are in the picture. The most popular among them is the Pirates of the Caribbean series. The pirate clothing of the characters of this series Read more [...]

The Nautical Products: Perfect Add-Ons in Themed Events

The nautical items are the perfect add-ons that take the people to the themed occasions such as the renaissance festivals and pirate festivals. Keeping these items in hand while wearing the pirate clothing remains a wonderful experience without any second thought. Some of the major nautical products, which are popular in the recent times, include nautical bells, sextants, sundials, compasses, telescopes, sand timers and ship lamps etc. These products were used by the pirates, sea voyagers, explorers Read more [...]

“On Stranger Tides”: Standalone Sequel of the Movie Series

On Stranger Tides is the 4th film of Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. All the three movies were connected to each other in their stories. But, this movie was made on a standalone story. Like the previous films, this movie also gained a huge fame in the entertainment world. Some new characters were introduced in the film, such as Angelica and Blackbeard. Blackbeard is the fictional depiction of the popular historical pirate Edward Teach “Blackbeard”, whose styles of pirate clothing are Read more [...]

“At World’s End”: The Caribbean Series Film, in Which Pirates Fight for Survival

At World’s End is the third movie of Pirates of the Caribbean series. The movie was released in the year 2007 and had gained widespread popularity since then. The plot of this movie was great. In this movie, Lord Cutler Becket destroys anybody who is associated with piracy and all the ships of the swashbucklers in the sea. After Elizabeth, Captain Jack Sparrow is saved by Captain Barbossa and Will  from the land of the dead. Beckett makes a dark alliance with control of Jones for ruling the seas Read more [...]

Dead Man’s Chest (2006): One More Enticing Film of the Caribbean Series

In the year 2006, Dead Man’s Chest of Pirates of the Caribbean series was released. Like the previous movies of the series The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), it had also gained widespread popularity among the masses. A new enthusiasm came in the pirate clothing fashion world also. The movie is first linked to the previous film of the series. At the end of the previous film of the series, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann were going to be married. In the film, the marriage of Will Turner and Read more [...]