Female Swashbucklers of the Movies

This is true that the swashbucklers of the movies have gained much more fame as compared to those who existed in the historical periods. The swashbuckler style outfits are the perfect instances in this respect. Although, the dresses of both real and fictional freebooters are highly popular in the recent times; but, the outfits of the movie characters are gaining a huge fame these days. A large number of people can be seen in the pirate clothing of Captain Jack Sparrow in several themed events. It Read more [...]

Close Association of Renaissance and Pirate Clothing

There is no doubt that the pirate and the renaissance trends are closely associated with each other. The pirate trends belong to the similar time spans to which the renaissance trends belong. In the renaissance age, the golden era of piracy took place. So, the resemblance of the two clothing styles is quite obvious. The pirates of that era used to loot the treasure from the ships. So, they would also loot the clothing, which belong to distinct communities; however, the costumes of aristocrats would Read more [...]

Privateer Trends: Perfect Combination of Nobles and Pirates

The era of Tudors is widely popular in the recent times for the fashion freaks. The costumes of royals, nobles, peasants and many other communities are widely popular in the recent times. The pirate clothing also belongs to the same era and it is liked widely by a big number of women and men in the recent times. There is a type, which presents the combination of pirate and noble fashion trends, and that is the trend of privateers. The privateers were the lawful swashbucklers, who worked in the Read more [...]

How Pirate T-Shirts Are the Blend of Modern and Renaissance Age Pirate Outfits

There is no doubt in the fact that the pirate style T-shirts are one of the perfect sources of the fashion trends in the present scenario. These outfits are soft as well as comfortable to put on and render the easiest way to get the pirate style. But, the major thing is that these pirate costumes are the perfect blend of modern and the swashbuckler styles. Do you know how? The modern element we find in them is that they are the T-Shirts, which are supposed to be the modern style dresses.  We Read more [...]

Patterns of Popular Pirate Costumes

The lifestyles of the swashbucklers are the enticing ones in the recent times. These lifestyles have enriched the fashion world today without any second thought. The pirate shirts, pants and many other such outfits are the subjects of allures in the recent times. These wardrobes usually come in the dark shades as the raiders of the renaissance age used to wear the dark colored clothing that would reflect their culture. The shirts of the swashbuckling types usually come in the dark colors. They Read more [...]

How “Pirate” Is Becoming a Subculture

The pirate lifestyle is one of the favorites of a large number of individuals in the recent times. It will not be wrong to say that it has become a perfect subculture today. First, we find that a number of events are organized today for adults as well as children, which are based on the pirate lifestyles. The pirate weekends of the renaissance festivals as well as pirate festivals are the ideal events that depict this subculture. On the other hand, the Pirates of the Caribbean birthday parties Read more [...]

The Renaissance Age Outfits of Distinct Communities: The Perfect Fashion Trends

The renaissance age was the time of flourish of arts and culture in Europe. Besides, it is the same period when the popular pirates like Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Mary Read and Anne Bonny etc. existed. One of the major aspects of this period was the clothing trend. Some of the trends, which were popular during that era include: Royal Style Clothing: The royals in the renaissance age would wear the extremely showy costumes. For instance, the outfits of Queen Elizabeth I of England are highly popular Read more [...]

The Things That Fascinate the Pirate Lifestyle Lovers

The pirate trends undoubtedly fascinate a huge number of women and men in today's scenario. The pirate clothing popular among the individuals is one of the instances in this regard. The people not only like to wear these wardrobes, but there lifestyles also attract people of today. Now, the question arises what are those things which take attract the interest of the people toward pirate lifestyle. The first thing that we can find is the funky lifestyle. The pirates were the fun loving people who Read more [...]

Variety of Shirts in the Pirate Fashion Bucket

A variety of pirate styled shirts available in the market, in distinct materials as well as patterns. These pirate shirts have numerous categories based on distinct things. For instance, the shirts named after various swashbucklers of history are also widely popular these days. There are the outfits named after distinct swashbucklers of the history. The shirts named after the popular raiders such as Edward Teach “Blackbeard”, Charles Vane and John “Calico Jack” Rackham etc. are widely famous Read more [...]

Wonderful Pirate Accessories: Perfect Add-Ons with Clothing

The pirate accessories have become widely popular apart from the outfits. These accessories are the ideal options to take to the pirate festivals. When you go these fests, it will add cherry on the cake if you keep them in hand along with wearing the pirate clothing. Some of the accessories that can be taken as instances include: Swords: Swords were one of the essential accessories for the pirates to combat the rivals as well as forces. So, the swords in the swashbuckler styles are widely famous Read more [...]