Some Perfect Add-Ons with Pirate Clothing

The trend of pirate outfits is well-known in the present scenario. Apart from the pirate clothing, some accessories in the swashbuckler styles are also widely famous in the recent times. These accessories are the perfect add-ons with the outfits. Some of the popular items that you can find in the market today include: Hats: Distinct varieties of hats are available in the market in the swashbuckler styles. The tattered hats seem to be most widely popular in this regard. Besides, the hats of the Read more [...]

To Be A Pirate: Became a Leading Portal for the Pirate Clothing

To Be A Pirate has become one of the leading manufacturers of the swashbuckler themed outfits in the recent times. The website is offering a large number of pirate shirts, pants and many other types of outfits for the swashbuckler lifestyle lovers. Besides, the other swashbuckler products such as nautical items are also available at this site. The pirate clothing in the styles of a number of swashbucklers of the historical periods can be obtained from here. These historical swashbucklers existed Read more [...]

“Pirates of the Caribbean” Film Series Becoming Standard for Swashbuckler Lifestyle

The pirate culture popular in the themed events and various other occasions are based on the historical freebooters of the “golden age of piracy”. John “Calico Jack” Rackham, Edward Teach “Blackbeard”, Anne Bonny and Mary Read etc. were some of the famous raiders of this era. But, an interesting thing is that the events that we find depicting this culture revolve very much around Pirates of the Caribbean film series, especially, the protagonist Captain Jack Sparrow.  This is the film, Read more [...]

Difference between Pirates of Distinct Eras

The pirates are active in the sea since the ancient times. But, we find the differences between the swashbucklers of distinct eras. The pirates about whom, we read today in history belonged to distinct cultures and circumstances; therefore, we find various significant difference that are the subject of study. The ancient Mediterranean pirates were the beginners who had less experience of piracy, but still they performed this act brilliantly. The Mediterranean swashbucklers were the former fishermen Read more [...]

Strength of Female Pirates

Female pirates are the subjects of fascination for a large number of individuals in the recent times. These women swashbucklers were not behind the male counterparts in anything including combats. We can see their strength in two ways, i.e., the physical strength and their influence in their pirate world. In the western world, Mary Read and Anne Bonny were two famous swashbucklers. These swashbucklers were not only the expert combatants, but they would also know that mind games that were played Read more [...]

Famous Websites Offering the Pirate Clothing

The pirate style dresses have become the perfect sources of fun for the people. A number of websites are offering a wide range of outfits in the swashbuckler styles to individuals in the recent times. These websites offer the costumes that are named after distinct swashbucklers. Some of sites that are the perfect instances in this regard include: To Be A Pirate: This is the site whose blog section you are exploring right now. In the shopping section of the website, you can find the pirate shirt, Read more [...]

How to Get the Pirate Fun!!!

The pirate fun has become one of the best ways of entertainment for a large number of individuals in the recent time. It is a different type of fun that is based on the lifestyles of the historical swashbucklers of the renaissance age. The fun can be seen in different ways in today’s scenario. The Pirates of the Caribbean fun ride in the Disneyland is one of the oldest and most popular types of swashbuckler entertainment. It was opened in 1967 and was based on pirate folklores and legends. This Read more [...]

Gothic Pants – Perfect Replacement of Pirate Pants

The close association of gothic and pirate are well-known to everyone. Despite being the two different concepts, there are the co-incidental similarities between the costumes of the two. First of all, pirate style outfits as well as gothic clothing of them come in the dark shades. Secondly, they use the similar metaphors such as the skulls and skeletons etc. Therefore, it is an undeniable fact that the gothic pants available in the market are the perfect replacements of pirate pants.  Both these Read more [...]

Depictions of Pirate Lifestyles in Ren-Fests

It will not be wrong to say that the ren-fests are one of the best sources of entertainment for a large number of fun lovers in the western world. The festivals present various reenactment activities of history as well as several other fantastical events. The demonstration of pirate lifestyles is one of the most famous activities in the fests in the recent times. It is done in the fests in different ways. First of all, the depiction of the swashbuckler lifestyles on the lines of movies is most Read more [...]

Men’s Dresses That Take Them to Swashbucklers’ World

The popularity of the swashbuckler trends among men is not hidden from anyone in the present scenario. There are a number of styles popular among men, which are either taken from the historical pirates or from the fictional raiders of the movies. Some of the men’s outfits that are famous in the recent times include: Shirts: The shirts in the styles of distinct swashbucklers are available in the market for men. Every pirate shirt has something unique that entices the individuals. Some of the Read more [...]