Know about Some Merciful Cruel Pirates

This is a truth that the pirates of the renaissance age used to be cruel. They would behead others, cut the parts of the body and so on. But, sometimes we find some positive qualities in them when we read their biographies. Some of these positive qualities have attracted people towards the pirate lifestyles. This seems to be the reason for the people’s interest towards the pirate clothing. But, you will be surprised to know that there was some mercy also in the hearts of these cruel pirates Read more [...]

Fascinating Fictional Female Pirates

We have mentioned the female pirates of history a number of times in the previous blogs in different contexts. But, do you know about the fictional female pirates? Yes, this is true that some female pirates have also been depicted in some films. Some of them are entirely the work of fictions, whereas some others are the fictional depictions of some historical swashbucklers. One of the examples we can take is of Anne Providence of the popular 1951 film Anne of the Indies. She is the fictional depiction Read more [...]

Pirates and Their Romanticized Versions: Differences and Similarities

The maritime piracy has been a source of great trouble for the people since ancient times. But, today we find the romanticized version of piracy, which is why people have a great interest towards the pirate lifestyles. The pirate clothing of these swashbucklers are widely popular these days without any second thought. But, as a matter of the fact, when we analyze the history, we find some big differences between the real pirates and the romanticized versions of swashbucklers. We find the romanticized Read more [...]

This Is the Time to ‘Talk Like A Pirate’

Talk Like A Pirate Day is coming closer. A lot of interest of people can be seen about the celebrations of this special day. This is not that type of event, in which you are required to go somewhere, or are required to wear some special pirate clothing. You can celebrate this at home without any hassle. What you have to do is just to speak some words, which the pirates used to speak. Aarrr, ahoy etc. are some of the words used by the swashbucklers of the renaissance age. Besides, the swashbucklers Read more [...]

Ways to Get the Pirate Fun

The pirate lifestyles are undoubtedly perfect for fun and frolic. They have given some new trends to the society without any doubt. These trends originated in the renaissance age from the lifestyles of historical raiders such as Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Anne Bonny and Mary Read etc. Later on, it flourished with some fictional freebooters of the films, such as Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean films series. At first, a number of events are organized on the pirate themes, which are Read more [...]

An Introduction about the Accessories Used by Pirates

A number of pirate accessories have become the fashion trends in the recent times. These accessories are kept widely by a large number of men and women in the present scenario along with wearing the pirate clothing. The accessories, which are most famous in the present scenario, are their hats and boots. These are the clothing accessories, which prove to be a perfect match with the pirate outfits. Without hats, the pirate makeover seems to be incomplete. On the other hand, the boots add more luster Read more [...]

Funky Swashbuckler Clothing for Women Alluring Masses

It is a known fact that the present day women are also very interested in the pirate lifestyle. The popularity of women’s pirate clothing is well-known in the present scenario. This wonderful clothing has become the perfect fashion trend in the recent times. The clothing trend is widely inspired by distinct raiders that were present in the renaissance age. This was the same era, when the art and culture was being flourished in Europe. These pirates would plunder the money as well as other accessories Read more [...]

Peak Season of Pirate Festivals

The peak season of the festivals has arrived. People have started purchasing the outfits for the renaissance and pirate festivals. The pirate lifestyle lovers also have a great fad in this regard. Usually, these festivals go on throughout the year. But, the period from August to October remains the period when these festivals can be seen at the peak. The people start preparing for the fests even before this season. But, in this season the sale of medieval, renaissance and pirate becomes more than Read more [...]

Some Famous Aspects of Tudor England

The period of Tudors in England was one of the most popular time spans, in which a large amount of hustle and bustle could be witnessed. During this era, the nations saw both negative and positive aspects. Let’s discuss some of the significant facets of the Tudor England: Renaissance Movement: Like other parts of Europe, England also witnessed the renaissance movement. This was the period of flourish of art and culture. So, in England also, we found the development of literature, architecture Read more [...]

Some Tips for the Pirate Style Lovers

Pirate Style – it has become one of the favorites of a number of people in the present scenario. This is the style of the swashbucklers of the renaissance age. It has become so popular in the present scenario that a large number of individuals are attracted towards the pirate clothing fashion. You can buy the complete sets of pirate outfits from a large number of online stores. Apart from it, here are some of the tips to get the pirate style for the themed events: A large number of swashbucklers Read more [...]