Piracy on the Eastern Coasts

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Piracy on the Eastern Coasts

Piracy has disturbed the nations sincethe ancient times. In the medieval era, there was a time, when the western nations witnessed the “golden age of piracy”. The dominance of the raiders could be seen across the seas during this period. A number of films have also been made in the Hollywood, such as “Pirates of the Caribbean” series. On the other hand, the influence of the medieval raiding could be seen on many of the video games and computer games. These means of entertainment further provided stuff to the fashion clothing, and pirate costumes became the fashion-statements for the people of the modern times.

Apart from the western world, fierce raiders created problems for the countries of east also. The evidences of the piracy have been found in countries like China, Japan, Korea and India also. The freebooters of these nations used to wear different pirate clothing than the western world, plus they were popular with distinct names in the native languages of these countries, but there was no difference in their temperaments.

In Chinese, they were known as ‘wokou’, which was pronounced as “waegu” in Korean. There was a popular notion in a time that these raiders would come from Japan, which is signified by the first word of the abovementioned two ideograph words. But, in reality, the tormentors belonged to distinct nations, and Japan itself was facing the problem of piracy. These eastern coasts even faced the pirates of Portugal also, which was a European nation. In Japanese language, the word ‘wako’ was used, which was originated from the Chinese word. Interestingly, some samurai fighters of Japan tried to combat the pirates. Moreover, piracy was disturbed because of the tie-up of Japan and Korea. Several times, Japanese troops would frequently come to fight on the Korean peninsula.

In India, the freebooters were known as “jal dasyu” in Sanskrit and some native languages, which means “robber of the waters”. In the medieval age, piracy prominently created troubles for the coasts of India. In the 16th and 17th century, which was Mughal Era in India, European piracy also disturbed the Indian merchants. Famous pirate Captain Kidd (also claimed as a British privateer) attacked the vessels of the Mughal emperor. In the 18th century, privateering was begun by the Maratha kings of India also for attacking the British ships of the East India Company. Famous Maratha privateer Kanhoji Angre ruled the waters of Mumbai and Goa during this century.

Today also, the pirates are involved in their activities across the seas and oceans. The raiders of today come from Somalia and Sumatra. These raiders in modern pirate shirts are fiercer than those of the ancient and medieval times. click here for more about pirates costumes and clothes. They have modern weapons to attack the vessels. Many countries have joined hands to combat these raiders.

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