Pirate and Gothic: Why They Are So Similar

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When you think about the getting the pirate style then of course you have to option to consider the clothing of one more subgenre. The “gothic” is the style that you may adopt in order to get an ideal pirate lifestyle. The newcomers in the pirate style may be surprised to read this, but this is an undeniable fact without any second thought. Despite the fact that the concepts of these two subgenres are different, the co-incidental similarity is found among the two.

One thing that is similar between these two concepts is the presence of the ‘panic’; however, the reasons behind for the panic are entirely different between the fantastic subgenres. The pirate concept is based on the real freebooters of history as well as the fictional raiders of the movies. The pirates were involved in plundering the ships; therefore they were definitely the subject of terror among the individuals. They would also loot the wardrobes from the ships, which they used to wear in their desired patterns. The dark colored costumes were their favorites as they would reflect their outlaw professions. In addition, the scary symbols were also used by them on their flags. The skulls were their favorite designs as they would reflect the danger. A wide variety of pirate clothes available today also come in the dark shades.

On the other hand, the gothic concept is based on the horror fiction that had begun from the literature of 18th and 19th centuries. One of the major characteristics of these novels includes the events taking place in some gothic architectural style castle or building and the existence of some supernatural theme. The supernatural theme may be ghosts, vampires, some supernatural phenomenon like the ancient curse or the extreme and horrific capabilities of science and technologies. This concept has also been adopted by several modern era films, known as the ‘gothic movies’. These supernatural events in the novels and the films represent the negative traits of humanity. The individuals who played the role in the flourish of Gothicism seem to be scared with the ill-effects of industrialization and capitalism in 19th century. The gothic has become a subculture nowadays, which is being followed by several men and women in the recent times. This subculture has given us a new fashion, which we know as ‘gothic fashion’. Because of the depiction of the dark culture, the gothic designed outfits very much resemble the dresses of the pirates. They also come in the dark colors. Moreover, the designs like skulls are used by the Goths also as the decors or the ornaments because they symbolize the horror fiction.

So, one can also take the gothic outfits as alternatives to pirate shirt, pants, gowns, skirts and more. The combination of a gothic style dress with a pirate outfit and vice versa is supposed to be a brilliant idea. It becomes hard to find several times whether you have worn a gothic outfit or the pirate one despite some minor differences between the two. Sometimes, you can find the gothic and pirate style outfits in the same section in the online stores. Both these styles are fully capable to render a great fascination to the individuals.

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