Pirate Lifestyle, Popular Raiders and Their Impact on Modern Era

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Pirate Lifestyle

The medieval pirate culture is no more the subject of panic, as it has been romanticized a lot in the movies. The popular film series “Pirates of the Caribbean” is one of the best examples in this respect. A lot of fascination about this culture can be witnessed among the people. You can observe a number of people wearing the pirate clothing in various parties and themed events.

Lifestyles: A number of salient features of the lifestyles of the raiders are the subject of enthusiasm for the people. On the other hand, there are various negatives sides also, which can never be adopted. The pirates used to live the sailor-like lifestyle. They had a ship and a captain. They roam across the seas to plunder the merchants’ ships. But, their life would remain at risk every time. They had to combat with other raiders and the navy men. The popular raider Blackbeard’s head was severed and was hung with ship tent, which was really very horrible. Moreover, their lifestyle used to be very hard. In the first few weeks of their journey, they would eat the fresh food. But, as the weeks were passed, they had to get satisfied with beans and salty foods. They would also enjoy the leisure activities in the spare time, but gambling was prohibited, as it would create the tension among the crew members. Moreover, they used to wear the extravagant dresses which they would get in the loot. The pirate shirt, pants and many other dresses, which are the fashion-statements, are getting very popular in the recent times.Pirate Shirt

Famous pirates: There was an era which is dubbed as ‘golden age of piracy’. During this era and its subsequent periods, a number of sea rovers were born, who gained huge popularity. As a matter of the surprise, some females were also involved in the act of piracy. Calico Jack, Blackbeard, Mary Read, Anne Bonny, and there were many other sea rovers, which gained the big fame.

Impact of raiders today: The impact of this culture can be best witnessed in the pirate clothing. A number of men and women wearing these dresses can be seen in various events. On the other hand, the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ series and some other movies and animation films provide the glimpse of this culture. Many of the fashion costumes seem to be influenced by them also.

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