“Pirate”: A Unique Subculture of the Date

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The “pirate” has gained the form of a culture in the present scenario. The people seem to be so much fascinated with the lifestyles of the pirates that they have given it a form of a culture. Some of the famous aspects that make it a culture include:

Clothing: Pirate clothing is the major part of this culture without any second thought. This is the clothing that comes in the styles the real swashbucklers of history as well as fictional pirates of the films. In the today’s fashion trends also, you can find such costumes. Shirts, pants, corsets, skirts, T-shirts and gowns etc. are some of the famous types of the swashbuckler attires. Moreover, the clothing accessories, like hats and boots are also popular in the present scenario. The dark colored outfits are preferred in the freebooters’ outfits; however, myriad of colors are available in the present day market. Besides, the horrific symbols such as skulls, octopus etc. are used on these types of outfits.

Jewelry and decors: A variety of jewelry and decors have also become the part of the pirate culture in the present scenario. The horrific symbols as mentioned above can be found in the ornaments and decors as well.

Swords: The swords in the styles of the pirate characters of the films such as Captain Jack Sparrow are also available in the present day market, and they can definitely be marked as the part of the pirate culture.

Language: Interestingly, there is also a language, which we know as pirate language. “Arrr”, “Ahoy” etc. are some of the popular words of this language. It is said that this language was spoken by swashbucklers 500 years ago. On the other hand, there are many people who claim that this is the fictional language. A special occasion is also celebrated, which is known as “Talk Like A Pirate Day”. It is celebrated on 19th September every year. This is a fun day when the people try to speak the pirate language.

These are some of the aspects, which confirm the claim of the “pirate” being a culture. But, the negative aspects such as looting and plundering have not been included in this culture. Still, the games like treasure hunt are popular among the lovers of this culture. You can find the glimpses of this culture in the events like pirate festivals, and the pirate weekends of the renaissance festivals. Here, you can be the part of the “golden age of piracy” for some moments. You can find the swashbuckler games, entertainment activities, people wearing the pirate costumes and a lot more in these fests.

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