Pirates in Animation Films: Some More Romanticized Versions of Swashbuckling Types

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The animation films are one of the perfect mediums in the entertainment world these days. And, if the pirate theme is attached to them, then it adds cherry on the cake. These animation movies are not only good for the purpose of entertainment, but they may also be a perfect choice for the lovers of pirate clothing fashion.

One of the movies that came in pictures a few years ago was Sinbad! The Legend of the Seven Seas (2003). The film seems to be the extension of the Arabian Nights stories of the famous character named Sinbad. In this movie, Sinbad has been shown as a pirate on the contrary to his conventional stories. But, this pirate does not loot the sea merchants, unlike the typical swashbucklers. Instead, he uses his skills of piracy for the good of the people. His purpose is to steal a magical and mystical book of peace in the aforesaid movie.

The other 3D animation movie, of which we can take the example, is The Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists (2012), which is the adaptation of the popular Gideon Defoe’s  book with the same name. The film has a captain and his crew, who helps the famous Victorian era scientist Charles Darwin.

One more film based on another Gideon Defoe was also released in 2012 – The Pirates! Band of Misfits. In this film, the Pirate Captain works on a mission to defeat his rivals Cutlass Liz and Black Bellamy in order to win Pirates of the Year award. The swashbucklers go to the foggy streets of Victorian England from the shores for this quest in the film.

Both the movies are the perfect entertainment packages for adults as well as children. They take people to a fantastical world of the decent pirates. You can see that the raiders of these movies help people, and not are as cruel as the real swashbucklers were. Interestingly, the competitions for awards also take place among the raiders.

As far as the pirate costumes are concerned, then generally we find them inspired from non-animation movies, but the animation films may also be the good sources of ideas for the swashbuckler fashion world. We find that the raiders of these animation films wearing the colorful outfits such as the red and blue etc. Besides, these movies add some more romanticism to the world of swashbuckling types.

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