Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes Getting Widely Popular among Men and Women

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Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most successful movie series in the present scenario. The movie is based on the themes of the swashbuckling types, who existed around five hundred years ago. But, the lifestyles of the raiders have been romanticized a lot in this film series. Four movies of the series have been released till date, and the fifth one is in the pipeline.

This movie series has provided a lot of stuff to the fashion world of today. A large number of people of today can be seen wearing the pirate shirt, pants and gown etc. of the characters of the series in the pirate and renaissance festivals. Such clothing has gained even more popularity as compared to the costumes of the real swashbucklers of the history.

The most popular ones are the costumes of Captain Jack Sparrow, the protagonist of the series. It is hard to find a pirate and even renaissance festival, where you don’t see the people wandering in the Jack Sparrow styled costumes. Besides, some pirate activities also take place in these fests, in which some person in the costumes of Jack Sparrow acts. An interesting thing is that some special Jack Sparrow styled dresses have been designed for the females as well.

Another popular costume of the characters is Angelica. This is the female swashbuckler and the daughter of Blackbeard, who appeared in the movie named On Stranger Tides. She is also the First Mate of the crew and also acts as the companion of Jack Sparrow. Angelica represents the female swashbucklers in the movie and her styles of dresses are widely famous among the women today.

The other popular styles include the wardrobes of Blackbeard. It is a known fact that Blackbeard was the real freebooter of history, and you find his fictional version in On Stranger Tides. An interesting aspect is that the pirate clothing in the style of this fantastical version is even more popular than the real one.

The popular pirate outfits in the style of the movies that are available in today’s market include shirts, pants, hats and many others. Besides, some other accessories can also be obtained such as Jack Sparrow style swords and more.

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