“Pirates of the Caribbean” Film Series Becoming Standard for Swashbuckler Lifestyle

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The pirate culture popular in the themed events and various other occasions are based on the historical freebooters of the “golden age of piracy”. John “Calico Jack” Rackham, Edward Teach “Blackbeard”, Anne Bonny and Mary Read etc. were some of the famous raiders of this era.

But, an interesting thing is that the events that we find depicting this culture revolve very much around Pirates of the Caribbean film series, especially, the protagonist Captain Jack Sparrow.  This is the film, which is based on the “golden era of piracy”, but presents its romanticized version. The pirates of this series are not so cruel unlike the real freebooters of history. It also depicts some real freebooters of history also such as Blackbeard in the fictional way. Its first movie was released in 2003, and the four movies have been released till 2011. The fifth movie may be released in 2015-16.

The movie has gained so much fame that people like to adopt the styles of this film series. When you go to pirate or renaissance festivals, you find some people putting on the pirate clothing of Captain Jack Sparrow. Besides, the outfits of the fictional Blackbeard of the film series are also worn by the individuals. An interesting thing is that the wardrobes of this fictional version are more popular than the real freebooter with the same name. Besides, the costumes of Angelica, the female pirate of the movie named “On Stranger Tides”, are also widely famous these days. Besides, the events on the lines of the movies are also organized in these festivals.

Interestingly, some events that are celebrated today are purely based on the theme of the movies. For instance, Pirates of the Caribbean birthday parties are organized by the parents of the kids in the recent times. In these parties, you can find pictures of Captain Jack Sparrow all around, such as on the invitation cards, on the decors, on the plastic cups for cold drinks and so on. The children as well as the host parents can be seen wearing the pirate shirts and other outfits.

There is no doubt in the fact that Pirates of the Caribbean has become a standard today for the swashbuckler lifestyle these days. This movie series has also attracted those people towards the culture of swashbuckling types, who hadn’t paid attention towards it prior to this. Hopefully, the fascination that people get in this movie will be continued in the coming scenario as well.

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