Pirates and Their Romanticized Versions: Differences and Similarities

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The maritime piracy has been a source of great trouble for the people since ancient times. But, today we find the romanticized version of piracy, which is why people have a great interest towards the pirate lifestyles. The pirate clothing of these swashbucklers are widely popular these days without any second thought.

But, as a matter of the fact, when we analyze the history, we find some big differences between the real pirates and the romanticized versions of swashbucklers. We find the romanticized versions in various pirate themed films as well as the novels. A lot of positive qualities are shown in these works of fiction in the swashbucklers.

These romanticized versions of pirates are also kindhearted apart from being notorious. Let’s find out some examples from some of the films, animation movies or literature. The popular film series Pirates of the Caribbean depicts Captain Jack Sparrow, who saves the girl names Elizabeth Swann in a film. Similarly, the pirate captain of The Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists (famous novel and its animation film adaptation) promises of help the famous scientist Charles Darwin. Besides, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas shows the Sinbad going for stealing the mystical and magical book of peace. It will be significant to mention here that Sinbad is usually supposed to a famous character of Arabian Nights, but in this animation movie, he has been shown as a pirate.

On the other hand, we find the ruthlessness in the real swashbucklers. It doesn’t mean that they had no positive quality. Of course, they had the positive traits, but still they were also cruel. It is a known historical fact that the famous pirate named Bartholomew Roberts “Black Bart” had cut the years of a person. Still, we find some kindheartedness in some of the swashbucklers. For instance, the popular Chinese female pirate had made some laws, among which some of them were based on justice. For instance, she made the rule that the pirate who would loot the city, which had already paid the tribute (tax given to the pirates), would be beheaded. Besides, she also declared that the person who would rape the female prisoner would be beheaded.

Besides, the similarity we find in the lives of the historical and real swashbuckler is that both were the adventurers. Perhaps, this adventurer lifestyle is one of the aspects, which created the craze of the people towards their lifestyles and the further romanticized depictions. The pirate costumes named after both real and historical swashbucklers are very famous in the recent times.

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